My Wish for You in 2014

My 10 Wishes for You for 2014

1. That your tomorrows will continue to outshine your yesterdays.

2.  That you’ll find peace in the small things and hope in what’s possible

3. That your expectations will not overshadow your accomplishments

4. That you’ll love life and live it to its fullest

5. That you’ll remember to take one step at a time.

6. That you’ll compare yourself to yourself and not allow others to intimidate you.

7. That if a tear should fall, a smile will follow.

8. That your heart will prosper and your dreams come true

9. That GOD will give you peace and refuge in your struggles.

10. That you’ll be surrounded by those that love you, tolerable of people who don’t, and wise enough to know the difference.

Keep Doin’ What You Love!!!

Hoping your new year is FANTASTIC!!!



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