Motivation Mondays: We Can Still Fly!

We Can Still FlyMy favorite time of day is early mornings. I usually get up a couple of  hours before the rest of the house to have some quiet time. I pray. I study my Bible, but mostly I just find a quiet spot outside to sit, watch and listen. Nature, GOD’s handiwork, has a way of teaching me the most beautifully profound lessons when I slow down and pay attention.

It’s springtime this way, so the birds have been crazy busy around here. I’ve seen lots of nest building, fat mommy birds getting ready to release their eggs, territorial fights between rivals and lots of singing. But what has struck me the most during these early morning “classes”, is their freedom. I watch them swoop down out of the trees to . . .

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[yellow_box]Motivation Mondays is a weekly series posted at  I talk from a Christian perspective about my past struggles as well as triumphs in the hope that just as others have helped me along the way, my readers will find something beneficial to carry along with them throughout their week. I believe that community is important as well as honesty and transparency. Want to chat? Send me an email: littlekidsgrow (a) gmail (dot) com. My welcome mat is always at the door.[/yellow_box]

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