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Hi Everyone!

This week is the Polka Dots and Stripes challenge at  Project Run and Play, and boy, did I have fun with this one! I’m a mix n’ match kind a gal, so this project was right up my alley! As you may already know, I love vintage looks, especially from the 40s and 50s (This one is probably circa 1920-ish). This project gave me the opportunity to not only play around with pattern contrast, but also create a tailored outfit for little boys.

I chose soft greens, brown and tan to soften the edges of the tailored look to make it more age friendly. I believe this also  helps to move the eye over the various patterns without a super shock :).  I varied the width of the vertical stripes, placing the larger stripes on the front of the vest and the more narrow stripes on the back. I was unable to find a striped fabric for the front of the vest in the color palette I’d selected, so I created my own by top stitching vertical stripes onto tan suiting fabric. The vest is fully lined.


With the chilly winter weather quickly approaching here in the South, I thought that a long sleeved knit “dress” shirt would be an interesting look with a dress tie. Remember the “Knock Off” polo tutorial , placket, and  Drafting a Collar and Stand tutorials? I started with these and just lengthened the sleeves. The high waist pant was super easy to make (once I figured out the whole button fly thing, ha! ha!) The body of the pant was simple: a straight leg that tapered narrowly toward the ankle. This can be easily drafted using an existing garment or from scratch. The flat cap and super easy tie are from patterns that I’ve been  working on. Soooo, super easy. I hope to have them to you soon! (Well, after everything slows down just a bit. )

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  • Michelle Martini

    This ensemble is incredible. I love the vintage style and look forward to your tutorials. Great job with the color palette and details in this beautiful look! Congratulations!

    • Shannon_CC

      Yay!!! Thank you, Michelle!

  • Karen M

    You have my vote this week! He looks like he should be in the Great Gatsby. Great job :)

    • Shannon_CC

      What a great compliment, Karen. Thank you so much!

  • Suzanne Winter

    Of course I love this look – you can pass it down to me when he grows out of it m’kay ;o) The Gatsby comment is dead on – and I love seeing your sketches and swatch cards. I would show people my sketches, but I tend to leave them out and when I find them again they are either in itty bitty pieces or dramatically colored on ;op

    • Shannon_CC

      You’re too funny, Suzanne. But, seriously, I am hoping I can pass it down to his little brother. We’ll see!

  • Tamika

    Great job once again! He is super handsome in his vintage inspired outfit. Love the idea of a knit dress shirt. So cute!

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, Tamika!

  • Tara Karmas

    Beautiful job AGAIN! I’m a HUGE fan of dressed up boys and you knocked it out of the park with this look, especially the driver’s cap which I LOVE on my own boys! Every single thing you sew shows the amazing sewing skills you have as well as the intricate thought you put in to all of your looks–inspiring INDEED!!

    • Shannon_CC

      Oh, wow, Tara! What an awesome compliment!

  • Melissa

    This is a GREAT look, Shannon! And I think the boys looks totally one-upped the girl looks this week!

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, Melissa. It’s exciting (and a surprise) to see so many variations of polka dots and stripes for little boys.

  • Rachel

    Wow! Such a great look. It is so fun to see all the great boy sewing.

    • Shannon_CC

      I agree, Rachel. I think that boys kind of get the short end of the stick when it comes to choices. I’m loving the variety.

  • jacq

    love love the button fly on the pants.
    great look!

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, Jacq! They were a lot easier than I expected ( It took a minute or 20 to figure it out, though – Ha!)

  • Vohn v

    I love the whole look! You are super talented! I am looking forward to the rest of run & play to see what you sew.

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, thank you, Vohn!

  • Brooke

    This outfit is so AWESOME! I love how you used the stripes and polka dots and he still looks so manly. :D

    • Shannon_CC

      Oh, I like the manly compliment, Brooke. My son will be thrilled to know that he looks so “grown up”!

  • Sarah Wright Cathey

    I love what you did with the collar on the vest. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. Just lovely.

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, Sarah. I wanted to create a “layered” look, but thought that with the thickness of the knit shirt, any extra layers would be too bulky. The insets worked out well (and were easy to do.)

  • cathgrace

    Awesome Shannon! I love the muted palette!

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, Catherine! Just know that I am floored by your creativity!

  • Karly Nelson

    I love the outfit! I have to say though, your son has one of the most amazing smiles! He looks gorgeous in his suit!

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, Karly! I had to chuckle at the smile part. He lost his front teeth a month ago, so whenever he smiles, there’s nothing there! I’m going to tell him what you said. He’ll love it!

  • Jen Schumann

    I love everything about this look! Wow, you are so talented! The colors, the styling, the amazing photo of your adorable boy, it was perfect.

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you so much Jen!

  • Gina

    Amazing outfit Shannon!! Absolutely perfect in every way; the vintage styling is my favorite. Great work!!

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, my friend!!!

  • Ajaire

    I my goodness – that VEST. I love it. Adding the rounded neckline made it such a unique piece. Great job!

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, Ajaire! I’m glad you like it!

  • Kristy

    This is incredible! You did an amazing job! :)

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, Kristy!

  • Kharla

    Beautiful! You should win hands down this week! There has been decent competition the other weeks, but no one even comes close to this design.

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you so much, Kharla!

  • Olga Becker

    Amazing! He looks awesome!

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, Olga!

  • Stacy@ The Land of K.A.

    This is a fantastic boy look! I love all the pieces you made for him. Well done! :)

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, Stacy!

  • louise

    beautiful! Again! I was thinking about doing something kinda fancy one week, but this surpasses anything I would have even dreamt of! (no clue if I spelled dreamt correctly!) :)

    • Shannon_CC

      Ha! Ha! You’re so funny, Louise! Spell away, my friend. Sounds good to me! (Thank you for the compliment!)

  • Kristin Timm

    oh shannon i love this outfit – you do boy sewing SO well. always fun to see. keep up the great work!

    • Shannon_CC

      You’re work is awesome, Kristin! Thank you for your kind words!

  • Frances Suzanne

    Great job, Shannon!!! What a snazzy, handsome fellow you have on your hands! Awesome look for week 2!!!

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you!!! (He’ll love the compliment!)

  • Rachel Le Grand

    oh Shannon, I love everything about this outfit!!! He is so stylish. You did a fabulous job, can’t wait to see what you see for Boy’s week.

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, thank you, Rachel!!!

  • Sally

    I’m finally getting around to having time to look at all of this weeks entries in depth. Your design and workmanship and style are amazing! Well done this week! While it’s fun to see boys stuff, I think it’s especially fun to see older boy stuff. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for this week!

    • Shannon_CC

      Yay!!! I’m glad you liked it, Sally! Thank you.

  • Max California

    Sorry I didn’t have a chance to comment until now! I love this look, you worked so hard!

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, Max! You’re awesome!!!

  • Tara Karmas

    Congratulations on your win! I can’t wait to see what you do for “boy’s week”.

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you, Tara! (So sorry I missed your comment)