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Hi Everyone!

This week is the Polka Dots and Stripes challenge at  Project Run and Play, and boy, did I have fun with this one! I’m a mix n’ match kind a gal, so this project was right up my alley! As you may already know, I love vintage looks, especially from the 40s and 50s (This one is probably circa 1920-ish). This project gave me the opportunity to not only play around with pattern contrast, but also create a tailored outfit for little week2 Vintage Flavors collage by LittleKidsGrow


I chose soft greens, brown and tan to soften the edges of the tailored look to make it more age friendly. I believe this also  helps to move the eye over the various patterns without a super shock :).  I varied the width of the vertical stripes, placing the larger stripes on the front of the vest and the more narrow stripes on the back. I was unable to find a striped fabric for the front of the vest in the color palette I’d selected, so I created my own by top stitching vertical stripes onto tan suiting fabric. The vest is fully lined.PR&P Week 2  Vintage Flavors by LittleKidsGrow



With the chilly winter weather quickly approaching here in the South, I thought that a long sleeved knit “dress” shirt would be an interesting look with a dress tie. Remember the “Knock Off” polo tutorial , placket, and  Drafting a Collar and Stand tutorials? I started with these and just lengthened the sleeves. The high waist pant was super easy to make (once I figured out the whole button fly thing, ha! ha!) The body of the pant was simple: a straight leg that tapered narrowly toward the ankle. This can be easily drafted using an existing garment or from scratch. The flat cap and super easy tie are from patterns that I’ve been  working on. Soooo, super easy. I hope to have them to you soon! (Well, after everything slows down just a bit. )

Don’t forget to go over to Project Run & Play and vote for your favorite! Voting ends on Sunday night.

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