Tweens ROCK!

Now that my girls are 11 and growing like weeds, it’s starting to hit me that there aren’t a lot of clothing options (that I’m comfortable with) that are available to their age group. Retail is either too “skimpy” or too “little girlish” and they are sizing out of most of the really cute sewing patterns.

Today I’m hanging out with Sally and Kelli from Sew Cool for the Tween Scene. I’m sharing my thoughts on patterns, tweens and learning how to make it all work.

I’d love for you to stop by.

Happy Day!

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  • Tracy King says:

    I frequently find the same. Sid will be 11 in November and is very self concoctions of her changing body. One style we are both loving on her is the bubble top and she loves her dolman sleeve tees with bands at the bottom they bubble a bit too.

  • Max California says:

    I was totally thinking about this last night, how right now all the blogs that i know of and follow have children in a similar age bracket to mine, but what about the clever mama’s who sew who have tweens? WHAT DO THeY DO? ARE THERE FREE PATTERNS?

    I freaked out, lol. But I’m sure there is stuff out there, i just haven’t reached that part of my life yet ^_^

    • Shannon_CC says:

      Ha! Ha! You make me smile, Max!!! I’m so glad you’ve been thinking about us mom’s of tweens. Just think, you’re little man will be there before you know it. He’ll have the BEST clothes ever with such a cool mama to design them for him.

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