Tutorial Tuesdays: The Girly Girl Hoodie

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today’s tutorial is for a “girlified” hoodie that’s very easy to make but has a lot of parts. Today I have the “mini” tutorial for you. Tomorrow┬á, umm, I mean after I finish my last minute Christmas preparations :), I’ll give you a link to the tutorial (UPDATE: Here’s the link for the extra details) that goes into a lot more detail (like how to draft your hood, hints for attaching the pocket, and little bitty details that would take up way too much space on this post :-)). Also, I don’t talk about seam finishing, pressing, etc. in this mini tutorial, so don’t forget to do it!

What you’ll need:

Desired sleeve length

Hood Depth

Hood Height

Hoodie Neckline Measurement

This is an upcycle, so I started with 2 knit shirts. Your main shirt should have long sleeves: You can also use a 3rd knit for a contrasting color on your pocket. Also note**: These shirts were way to big and had to be cut down to fit. If you are using a long sleeve shirt that already fits, you can skip steps 1-5 (woo!hoo!).

Step One:

Cut off sleeves of long sleeve shirt at seams, cutting inseam of sleeve as well.

Step Two:

Cut side seams and shoulder seams to separate front piece from back. Fold both bodice pieces in half (rt. sides facing). Using an existing front and back bodice pattern or garment, trace and cut out a front and back pieces.

Step Three:

Sew shoulder seams together (rt sides facing)

Step Four:

Fold sleeves in half. Measure desired sleeve length from wrist seam toward shoulder. Mark. Match mark to shoulder seam and redraw sleeve cap if necessary and cut.

Step Five:

Attach sleeves to bodice. (Do NOT sew sleeve seams or side seams of shirt just yet)

Step Six:

Draft your hood using your hoodie’s full neckline measurement, hood depth and┬á height.

Step Seven:

Mark center back of hoodie and center back of hood. Match the two points (rt sides facing). Attach hood to bodice. Finish inside seams as desired.

Step Eight:

For pocket (adult size), cut out a rectangle approx. 18″ x 10″┬á and 7 strips of fabric 2″ x 18″ (alternating colors if you’d like). Sew a basting stitch down the center of each strip. Gather to width size of rectangle. Fold rectangle in half and pin strips to top layer of folded rectangle (only). Open rectangle back up and stitch ruffles in place.

Step Nine:

Fold pocket rectangle in half (ruffles on the inside). Stitch up side seams only. Turn pocket right side out and attach to front of hoodie. Attach at top and bottom of pocket only (Not your sides)

Step Ten:

Sew sleeves and side seams of hoodie, and that’s it! Yay!!!

 Come back for a more detailed tutorial tomorrow. Stay tuned for a more detailed tutorial :). If you have any questions at all, send them my way.

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Keep doin’ what you love!




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