Tutorial Tuesdays: The 1 Hour Orgiami Shirt Tutorial (Video)

Happy Tuesday!

This weekend I had a casual function to attend. Jeans were appropriate, but I wanted a fun top to wear. I was short on time, but had just enough to whip up a top for the occasion. I call it The Origami Top, because of the folding required, but technically, I guess it’s not really Origami since I used fabric instead of paper and used stitches to hold it together. I guess I could have called it  the “Ode to Origami Top” or “The Top That Looks Like Origami” but , well . .  . those names are really bad (Ha! Ha!). Anyway, I think once you see the tutorial, you’ll understand why I chose the name I did.

Fabric Suggestion: Light Cotton (I used a cotton shirting)

This top only has 4 pieces (Yay!). You’ll need the following measurements to get started.

Sleeve Length (SL)- Measure from the top of the shoulder to the end point of desired sleeve length.

Top Length (TL)– Measure from collar bone to desired length.

Chest Circumference (CC) – Full chest measurement

Shoulder Circumference (SC)– Measure the full shoulder circumference at the widest point.

Arm Circumference (A)- Measure the widest part of your arm above your elbow.

Here’s a diagram of the pattern pieces (with those pesky formulas:-)). Don’t let them stop you! Just plug in your measurements in , and you’ll be on your way. I plugged in my measurements below as an example.


SL= 10 inches

TL= 19 inches

CC= 36 inches

SC= 43 inches

A= 12 inches

SA=½ inch


The width of my sleeves is equal to SL +2(SA) or 10 + 2(1)=12″

The length of my sleeves is equal to A + 2″ + 2(A) or 12 + 2+ 2(1) = 16″


My top length is equal to TL + S(A) or 19 + 2(1) = 21″

The width of my top is equal to ( CC + ½[SC-CC] )/2 + 1 or

(36 + ½[43-36])/2+ 1

(36 + ½[7])/2 + 1

         ( 36 + 3.5 )/2 +1

(39.5)/2 +1

19.75 + 1 = 20.75

My measurements are as follows:

Sleeve width = 12″

Sleeve length = 16″

Top Length = 21″

Top Width = 20.75


Once you have your pieces cut out, press play below for the video tutorial .

(Please note*: The video tutorial below uses narrower fabric dimensions to make use of limited filming space. Please use the formulas  provided in the diagram above to achieve the look pictured above.

Thanks for watching!

Keep doin’ what you love,







  • Tamika says:

    Cute shirt Shannon!  Belts are my thing, so I just might have to put this on my list.  Your updo in the pics is super cute too.

    • Shannon_CC says:

       Thank you, Tamika! I’m starting to really like belts too (especially the way they pull together really simple outfits)

  • Mary I says:

    This is super cute! Great directions, too. Can’t wait to try making my own. Thanks!

  • Holly Flick says:

    Truly lovely! Being short and quite plump your method helps me lots. Do you think extending the length would offer an option on a nice summer tunic or possibly a dress? Terrific talent you’ve got here!!!

    • Hi there! Yes, I think if you extend the lines of the torso a bit, this would make a very nice summer tunic. You’ll have to be careful when taking it past the hip line because the shape could become very wide (or too narrow) and you’ll need to know how to adjust the taper to make a dress that is flattering. Great ideas. Let me know how it goes!

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