Tutorial Tuesdays: Fabric Labels and Spoonflower

I’ve wanted to add labels to my clothing for awhile and have been searching for the most cost effective (and simple) way to do it; however, most of the options available were either too expensive considering I’m not pushing out 100’s of garments per month or they were just too time consuming. A few weeks ago I was doin’ my casual stroll through the halls of Pinterest and stumbled upon a few awesome pins for making your own clothing labels using the fabric company Spoonflower. This was the easiest process ever. I created my labels online in less than 30 minutes, paid less than $12 and had my labels on my doorstep in just a little over a week!

Here’s how I did it:

Step One: Design your labels Depending on the details of your label, you can start with  a word processing program like Microsoft Word if you’re using words only, or if you are including graphics in your design, I suggest using a graphic design or image editing software (photoshop, illustrator, etc.) that produces a jpeg image. I chose for this project. It’s fast, simple to use and free!

I designed two labels. One for girls and one for boys:




Step 2: Upload. Once your design has been saved to your computer, upload your artwork to Spoonflower. If you don’t already have an account, set one up and sign in. Once signed in, click on the tab “CREATE”

Using the browse button, find your artwork and click on the “UPLOAD FILE” button.

Step 3: Adjust your label size. The next page will show how your labels will be printed. Using the rulers provided measure the size of your labels and make any adjustments necessary using the “DESIGN SIZE: (Edit This)” link. I’d recommend a seam allowance of at least ½” around each label. My labels are pretty large so my seam allowance is about  ¼”. It made the ironing  more challenging but it still worked.

My final label measurement was 2.4 x 1.6″ before ironing.

Step 4: Finalize your selection. Select your fabric type and size and add to your cart. Here’s a nice hint: Fabric swatches are 8×8″ and cost $5.00 no matter what type of fabric you choose. I purchased 2 swatches (linen/canvas) and paid $1 for shipping for a grand total of $11!!!  I ended up with 30 labels, so, including shipping, I paid about 37¢ per label. If you make your labels smaller than mine, more will fit on the fabric and you’ll save even more money per label.

This is what my labels looked like when they arrived:

They really do look fantastic in person.

Sewing Your Labels

1) Cut. Carefully cut out your labels making sure that you leave enough space around each label to fold under

2) Iron. edges under

3) Sew. I found it easier to iron 2 opposite sides, sew, and then iron the other two sides and sew.

4) Find a cute spot for your labels and sew away!


Here are some other crafty ladies who’ve found success using Spoonflower for their labels. You might find some extra hints or suggestions to make your label making experience even better:

See Kate Sew (uses a cardboard insert to shape her labels when ironing)

Things for Boys (printed her labels on the bias to avoid raveling)

Noise Tea Academy (uses a bias tape maker for her labels)

Shelly Made (great tutorial for creating labels to sew into the interior of a garment like waistbands, neckbands, etc)

Lookin’ for more great tutorials, private giveaways and more?

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  • KyLee

    This is a fabulous idea, thanks for sharing.

    • Shannon_CC

       You’re welcome, KyLee! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Missy Thomson

    Cool! I was going to look into this very thing today.

    • Shannon_CC

       Yay! I hope it works for you.

  • Lotti

    I really like this post.  I’ve always wondered how I could go about getting labels.  Love it.  thanks for sharing.  Really like your blog … this is my first visit.

    • Shannon_CC

      Hi Lotti, and welcome!
      Let me know how the label making works out for you!

  • Ruth Davis

    thanks so much, so many great ideas out there, thanks for sharing.

    • Shannon_CC

       Hi Ruth! Thank you.Hope the tute helps!

  • Laurie Miles

     This is great! Thanks for the info and the tutorial!

    • Shannon_CC

       Hi Laurie! You’re welcome!

  • Angie Carr

    Amazing – thank you SO much for this! I would have never thought to select canvas fabric and the swatch tip is just perfect!

    • Shannon_CC

       Hi Angie!
      I was so surprised to see how many labels actually fit on the 8 x 8″ swatches, and the linen/canvas fabric creased very well when folding the edges over. I’m pretty hooked on this one.


    Thanks for stopping by… Best, Wilma :-)

    • Shannon_CC

      Hi Wilma! You’re welcome! I tried to respond in German. (I hope it made sense) Thank you for the return visit!


        Oh yes, I understand it. For your further German conversations you can
        try this: “Vielen Dank für die Erwähnung meines Tutorials.” Have a nice day, Wilma

        • Shannon_CC

          Ahhh. Oh, yes, (thank you!) I understand better now. Happy Day to you as well!

  • Anne

    Just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you for sharing. What a treasure. God bless you.

    • Shannon_CC

       Thanks, Anne! I hope these work out for you!

  • Nicole Marie May

    im very excited i was given this link! i have been looking for labels with out having to pay an arm and a leg!! thank you so much for this tutorial!!

    • Shannon_CC

      Yay! If you choose this route, I hope you’re pleased with the results! (I love mine!)

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  • GrammerGram

    AWESOME!! Thank you so much for this easy site and for sharing the details. Just ordered!

    • Shannon_CC

      Excellent! I hope you’re pleased. :-)

  • stephanie

    Brilliant, as I’m already on Spoonflower I can’t wait to make my labels!

    • Shannon_CC

      Yay! I love my labels and am still very pleased. I hope they work well for you.