Tutorial Tuesday: Single Piece Pant Pattern

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I spend a lot of time creating girlie tutorials which is amazing to me because in our home the males outnumber us girls by 2 to 1 (if you include our dog). It would seem that I’d sew more boy clothes than I do. (I should probably work on that.)

Today I’m going to show you how I create a single piece pattern for my boy’s casual pants using an existing garment. There are a few ways to create a pant pattern, but I find that this one is the quickest (I’m all about saving time!)

There are two options discussed in the video, but I only demonstrate one. The first requires that you cut the inseam (and crotch seams) of a pair of old pants to trace around.If you do not have an old pair of pants to cut up, I explain an alternative (option 2) at the end of the video.

***Of course this pattern can be used for girl’s pants too (smile).

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