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I thought I’d share a quick placket tutorial with you today. Well, the tutorial isn’t all that quick (lots of pictures), but once you get the hang of it, drafting your own placket is fairly simple. (Want to also draft a collar to go with this placket? Click here.)

A single-piece placket is just a folded rectangle attached to the front (or back) of your top to make putting a garment on or off easier. There are different ways to attach the placket. I’ve found this one to work best for me.

The drafting measurements are given below. I prefer to create a pattern piece to use later, but you can always measure directly onto your fabric. For this tutorial I use a 1/2″ seam allowance, but 1/4″ is fine if you prefer.

1) Decide on  the length of your placket. Add 1/2″ SA (top and bottom) plus 1 inch.

(The extra inch is for the bottom of the placket that overlaps)

2) The width will be 5 times the final placket width, plus 1/2″ SA (each side).

I wanted my final placket length to be 4 inches. My pattern length = 6″

I wanted my final placket width to be 1 inch. My pattern width = 6″

Your pattern piece should look like this (SA=seam allowance):

3) Iron the side and bottom seam allowances flat. Baste stitch in place. Mark your 4 vertical fold lines with tailor’s chalk or something similar. Iron placket along 4 vertical fold lines. Open back up. (OPTIONAL: If needed, apply interfacing before ironing folds.)

4) Next,  remove 5/8″  from bottom right hand corner of placket (removes bulk when folding over). The length of the cut out section will extend from the right edge over to your third creased line.

5) Pin RIGHT side of placket to WRONG side of bodice, matching center points.

6) Working with center section, sew 1/4″ from fold around center section, pivoting at corners.

7)  Clip down center of placket to 1/4″ from seam line. Clip into corners diagonally being careful not to clip seams. Trim Seam allowance down to 1/4″.

8)  Flip Bodice over.  Pull left side of placket through to front of bodice. Iron seam toward center.

(Repeat with Right Side)

9) Fold left side of placket toward center at crease. Pin in place and edge stitch. (The dark stitching in the picture is from my basting stitch that hadn’t been removed yet, not the edge stitching.)

10) . (Tip**Clip off  the bottom right corner of right side of  placket to make fold over easier.)

11) Fold right side at crease and place on top of left side of placket. Edge stitch right side of placket, boxing in bottom inch of placket, pivoting at corners.

12) That’s it! Now you can add whatever collar you’d like.

Have questions? Email me (littlekidsgrow [at] gmail [dot] com) or leave a comment below.

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