My mom just purchased an extra large study Bible. I figured she’d probably have a difficult time finding a cover for it (since it’s not a standard size), so I grabbed some fabric, a tape measure and gave it a go. Overall, I’m pleased with how it turned out (translation: I didn’t have to throw it away.); however, I will admit, I had no idea how to install the zipper around the corners of a closed book, so I pretty much just disregarded the depth measurement and eyeballed it. I also used wide polyester biased tape instead of fabric for the zipper which probably explains some of the side ways pulling, but it works and that’s what matters. I also included extra pockets, a tablet and pen holder in the back. Check out the free hand name embroidered on the front. Ha! Ha! Can you tell I’m proud of myself? Mom was impressed (wink!) She’s so sweet!

I took tons of pictures in the hope of posting a tutorial, but I’m thinking I should probably  figure out the zipper installation before sharing  (smile).

Keep Sewing.

With a house full of boys, there’s lots of noise, tons of wrestling, and contests to see who can lift the most weight. So, it’s no surprise that superheros are a favorite topic of conversation. For our 6 year old, his favorite hero changes almost as often as his food preferences, but Batman seems to remain at the top of his list of “super cool” heroes. So, when I recently found a a Batman pillowcase at our local thrift store, I knew  it had his name on it.

This week I had the opportunity to use the pillowcase when I participated in Boy’s Week at Project Run & Play. I first drafted a pair of  super wide-legged pants (great for spinnin’, kickin’, and skatin’).  I’d never done pockets before so I went over to MADE and used her tutorial (great!), and made a Batman applique using the thrifted pillowcase. When I ran across this tutorial at I am Momma Hear Me Roar, I decided to make a jacket also. I used a $4.99 pullover that I found on sale. I removed the front pocket and used it as a pattern to create my own pocket out of the Batman fabric. I then used the remainder of the fabric to line the hood. The jacket was too short for the zipper, so I created a band to lengthen it.


My little man was asleep when I took these pictures (to the left) for the contest, but he was more than camera ready when he tried on his outfit for the first time.


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