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This week at Project Run & Play we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day early (Yay!!!) My initial concept was a dress, jacket and beret, and that’s what I actually made at first. But then there were fitting issues with the dress. When it was all said and done, my girls weren’t feeling it and neither was I. So, we kept the hat and jacket and scratched the dress. But, all was not lost. I learned a great lesson in fit and proportion this week: Everything that looks good on paper doesn’t always translate well in the real world (sigh).

This jacket was great fun to create. I purchased a few yards of woven silk at an estate sale some years ago. Every time I reached into my stash to make something, the silk was staring back at me with the look of, “Oh, when will it be our turn to shine?” Soon beautiful one. I’d say. Soon. (smile) The fabric is very soft to the touch with an excellent drape. I lined the inside front panels with a yellow silk (same estate sale!) and the sleeves with brown (super slippery) lining fabric. I love the shawl (roll) collar on this jacket because she can wear it flat or pull it up around her neck for a dramatic effect. Oddly enough, this style collar made my daughter’s shoulders disappear. It was all collar . .  and then arms. No shoulders. Interesting, huh? I went back in and added light padding in the shoulder area for shaping. My favorite part of the jacket is the “bubble” peplum added to balance the jacket’s shape.

For the shirt I wanted a simple bodice that would lay neatly under the jacket, but I wanted it to have character. I cut out about 75 flower petals and appliqued each individual petal to the front of the shirt. Do you know how long it takes to applique 75 flower petals to a shirt? Why didn’t anyone tell me? (LOL). And, finally, the pants. I didn’t want to stray too far away from the simple lines of the silhouette, so I started with a simple straight-legged pant but added a high waist and a tiny pocket on the front left hip. The attached belt wraps around the waist and attaches to the right side with a single button. This week was a challenging one for sure, but oh so much fun! (Oops, almost forgot. The beret is another super quick pattern that I’m working on that I hope to have for you all a little later).

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Hi Everyone!

I learned this morning that I’m one of 5 finalists in the Project Run & Play designer selection (Yay!). If you’re not familiar with Project Run & Play, it’s the online version of Project Runway, except it’s for kids clothing, the competitors are a lot nicer :), and you can design at home along with the designers and win prizes, too. They are looking for their last two designers and are asking for your vote.

Voting begins today, Friday, December 7th and ends this Sunday, December 9th.  So, go and  vote for your favorite (The voting bar is in the top left column of the website). If you sew, don’t forget to participate in the sew-a-along group in January when the competition starts. I’d love to know if you voted. Leave a comment here or send me an email: littlekidsgrow (at) gmail (dot) com.

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With a house full of boys, there’s lots of noise, tons of wrestling, and contests to see who can lift the most weight. So, it’s no surprise that superheros are a favorite topic of conversation. For our 6 year old, his favorite hero changes almost as often as his food preferences, but Batman seems to remain at the top of his list of “super cool” heroes. So, when I recently found a a Batman pillowcase at our local thrift store, I knew  it had his name on it.

This week I had the opportunity to use the pillowcase when I participated in Boy’s Week at Project Run & Play. I first drafted a pair of  super wide-legged pants (great for spinnin’, kickin’, and skatin’).  I’d never done pockets before so I went over to MADE and used her tutorial (great!), and made a Batman applique using the thrifted pillowcase. When I ran across this tutorial at I am Momma Hear Me Roar, I decided to make a jacket also. I used a $4.99 pullover that I found on sale. I removed the front pocket and used it as a pattern to create my own pocket out of the Batman fabric. I then used the remainder of the fabric to line the hood. The jacket was too short for the zipper, so I created a band to lengthen it.


My little man was asleep when I took these pictures (to the left) for the contest, but he was more than camera ready when he tried on his outfit for the first time.


JuneBug Remix Back View

I recently migrated posts from my old blog here. I thought it would be neat to start my first post off with a pattern remix. Project Run & Play has started their new season and invited readers to participate alongside the contestants. How cool, right?

The first challenge was to remix the JuneBug pattern from over at Craftiness is Not Optional. This was great fun for me. My twin girls are 9, tall and very thin. Store bought clothes never fit well. They’re either too short in the legs or too wide in the shoulders and droopy. This pattern remix gave me a chance to create a “Big Girl” style tunic/dress with a bit of personality and also practice my drafting skills. Yay!

I extended the original front pattern piece to eliminate the seam. I then sewed the apron portion to the front bodice and added buttons for decoration. There’s also a kick pleat on the front left side that’s difficult to see from the pictures.

The tunic has a snug fit, so I added a slit in the back bodice piece to make it easy for the dress to be slipped on and off over the head. I also added faux pleating to the back and added a panel to cover the back waist seam.

I cut out the pattern and material for two dresses, but only put one together because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Looks like I’ll be putting the other one together really soon.

The remixes for the contest are amazing. Take a peek at  Project Run & Play.



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