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How many of you are participating in KCWC (Kids Clothing Week Challenge) by Meg at  the Elsie Marley blog?  If you’re not familiar with the sew-a-long, twice a year Meg invites readers to commit to sewing clothing for their kids (or other people’s kids) for 1 hour a day for a week. You know all of those half done projects you have stashed in the corner to complete when you have more time? (Ha! Ha! That’s me! ) Well, KCWC is a great push to get those pieces (and new ones) completed. This fall’s challenge runs October 8-14. I’m taking a few days to pause from the Moms Know Moms series to share what I’m working on. There are still more interviews to come, so don’t go too far!

For day one of KCWC,  I made these two full skirts. They have a waistband with a back zipper and Mexican Pleating  (or Wave Tucks) on  the center band for detail. The tops are not new, you can find the tutorial here. Of course, my camera’s battery is missing (Honey?), so I grabbed my phone again for some quick pics.

Happy Day!

(Keep doin’ what you  love!)






Summer is right around the corner, so I wanted to share a tutorial of one of my favorite tops: The Bubble Top! Once you get your measurements down, it’s a fairly simple top to sew up. You can add lots of nifty accessories to make it your own or it can easily be adapted into a skirt  or dress (if you’re feeling adventurous).

We’ll be drafting this one from scratch, so grab your pencil, paper, a good ruler, and your trusty calculator (Ha! Ha! Just when you thought school was out!).  There’s not a lot of math involved  here, so don’t worry! I’ll do my best keep your brain from cramping up :).


We’re spending family time at our local Martin Luther King, Jr.’s parade today. Truthfully,  I’ve never been really “big” on parades (I think it’s all the standing around and waiting), but I am big on remembering the blessings of  freedom, unconditional love, and positive change. It’s all good stuff, and I’m thankful to be spending this day of rememberance with those that I love. Hope your day is super fantastic!

*I may not be sewing today, but I am thinking about it. It’s pretty cold outside (see my little man bundled up to the left?), so  bound buttonholes and a new winter coat for mommy may not be too far away.

Keep doing what you love!


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