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Happy Monday Lovelies!

It’s 3:06 am and unfortunately, I can’t sleep. Yep, pregnancy insomnia has reared its not so pretty face. It’s funny to me now (well, not really) that outside of swollen feet and nausea, I’d forgotten most of the more interesting (and not so pleasant) physiological aspects of pregnancy. How could I forget that at some point I’d need 6 or 7 pillows strategically tucked around me before I could fall asleep? Or, that even after getting to sleep, I’d wake up 5 or 6 times before morning to ruuuunnnnnnn to the bathroom for an emergency potty break only to have a trickle of anything come out (too much of a mental picture for you? So sorry :).) Or, the hormonal mood swings? (Yep, I’m a wee bit on the cranky side these days. Sorry fam.) And what’s the deal with this annoying stuffy nose that started showing up around 2 or 3 in the morning? Ha! Ha! Really?

Shannon Preggers Gettin Close

Do you see where I’m going with all of this? No? It might look like I’m just complaining (and I am a little), but that’s not why I’m sharing my pregnancy woes with you.

The discomforts that I’m experiencing now in late pregnancy are no fun, but I understand that they are all just a part of the journey.

Whether we are birthing a baby, an idea or a dream, there comes a point in the process where things get uncomfortable. I believe that discomfort is the catalyst for change when we allow it to be. It forces us to make a choice, to adjust our perspective, and decide if we’re in it for the long haul, or if we’re going to throw in the towel and give up on what we’ve been so anxiously awaiting.

Pushing something that’s been growing inside of you out into the real world is hard work. I can’t hide my pregnancy, so it’s obvious that something is happening with me, but for many who are pregnant with dreams, goals, and amazing aspirations, it’s not so easy for others on the outside to see what you have developing inside of you, so when things get uncomfortable, it can sometimes be easier to just give up.

Allow me to encourage you today. If you feel something kicking around inside of you, and you can’t shake the feeling that something miraculous is just on the other side of the horizon, don’t let it go. Discomforts will come, but they are there to sift you and prepare you for the great gift of responsibility that’s about to be placed in your hands. So work with them, and let them do what they were meant to do.

When I think about the sleepless nights that are ahead once the baby arrives, I thank GOD for the little bit of insomnia now. It’s prepping me for what’s about to come, and I get it.

Believe in the process and trust GOD to work out the details.

Have a fantastic week!
Keep doin’ what you love!


Happy Monday everyone!

It’s so nice to be back! I missed you guys! :-) So how was your week? I got a lot of  stuff done (Yay!). I also had a chance to think about my blog and some new things I’d like to try going forward (I hope you like them),  but those will come later after I have a chance to brainstorm a bit more.

I spent a good bit of my away time thinking about challenges and opposition. Ha! Ha! I know. What a way to spend a week, right? I’m really glad I did though. This has been a strange year for me and my family (lots of challenges). A week of introspection gave me a chance to step back and  look at everything from a fresh perspective. Lately, I’ve found myself in the “can’t see the forest for the trees” kind of place which is never fun, but taking time to search for the big picture when things get a little “crazy” always seems to help me get my equilibrium back so I can  put one foot in front of the other and keep marching forward. I’ve talked about perspective on my blog here and here. I truly believe that the way we look at things in life makes the biggest impact on how we live it.

How do you handle challenges? Do you embrace them, or do you run for cover,  lying low until the storm passes over? I’ve learned over the years that the best way to handle opposition is to just face it, head on.  How we handle obstacles in our lives at any given moment affects our posture in our future. Our backbones are only strengthened when we press against those things determined to make us fall.

I know that this is pretty serious talk for a Monday, but you should know by now that I’m not big on sugar coating the realities of life. They are what they are, but just as one day can carry the  stench of  failures, hard knocks, and broken dreams (how’s that for a visual?),  the very next day can  waft in the aroma of fresh starts and new beginnings.

Yesterday evening, I met an elderly gentleman in the grocery store named Mr. Dudley. He was the nicest, kindest and most intelligent man you’d ever want to meet. He asked me to read a price on a pack of strawberries for him to which I obliged. One thing led to another and before I knew it, we’d spent 45 minutes in the produce section talking about everything from his vegetable garden to Bible history. If I didn’t have to get home to cook dinner, he and I would have probably pulled up some of those grocery store lawn chairs, kicked our feet up next to the rutabegas, and chatted some more about his time in Egypt, the Hebrew alphabet, or the importance of education and our children. Before our conversation concluded, he quizzed me about all we’d discussed, made me promise to take it back home to teach my kids and then joked about giving me a college course in the produce section. Mr. Dudley is 90. Talk about perspective! He made me smile.

Conversations like this one remind me that life is truly what we make of it. My new grocery store pal has fought in wars, seen death first hand including that of his friends. He has experienced more “craziness” in just a decade of his life than I have in all of my 42 years, yet, he had the biggest grin on his face, laughed as easily as he took a breath and treated me like he’d known me all his life. Who knew that a quick milk run could have such a lasting impact.

Our life is more than just this week’s challenges or triumphs. It’s about seeing the forest before the trees get in the way or taking in the big picture before the little stuff has a chance to throw us off track.

Count your blessings, my friends, for there are many!

Happy Day.

Keep doin’ what you love!


[yellow_box]Motivation Mondays is a series that I started to share encouragement with moms. I use my past struggles as well as triumphs as a backdrop for my writing in the hope that just as others have helped me along the way, my readers will find something beneficial to carry along with them throughout their week. I believe that community is important as well as honesty and transparency.Want to chat? Send me an email: littlekidsgrow (a) gmail (dot) com. My welcome mat is always at the door.[/yellow_box]

Don’t you just hate it when you have everything planned out and something unexpected pops up to throw everything out of whack?

I have to take an unexpected hiatus from my blog for business. This will only be for one week, but unfortunately,  it has totally thrown the Moms Know Moms interviews for October off schedule; however, there is a silver lining. We received such a favorable response to the series that I’ve decided to add the interviews to my regular monthly blog schedule. So, instead of trying to cram all of the interviews in at the end of this month, we’ll start fresh in November with a few interviews shared per month (Gina and Kerry, I haven’t forgotten about you.)

So, what do you think? Would you like to see Mom interviews as a regular part of the LittleKidsGrow schedule? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the ladies that we’ve had so far and look forward to the ones to come.

I’ll return next Monday the 21st, so don’t go too far. I’ll still be checking my email, so feel free to send me a note or two: littlekidsgrow (at) gmail (dot) com.

Have a fantastic week.

Do something nice for someone (yourself included).

Keep doin’ what you love!




[red_box] Hey Everyone! I’m also hanging out with the super fantastic Michelle from Sewing Rocks! today. She’s a super sweet new blogger that’s doing a series on sewing machines. Make sure you stop by to say “hi” after reading this post. [/red_box]

Where are you sitting on your Happy Meter today?

Conquering Fears

I did something this weekend that absolutely terrified me . . .well, initially anyway.

Let me give you some background first. A couple of weeks ago, the pastor from my childhood church asked if I would do a creative dance for a women’s program that they were having. Without giving it too much thought, I said yes, and then joked a little about not being as young as I used to be, but that I’d be honored to do it.

It wasn’t until I hung up the phone that I realized what I’d done. (more…)

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