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LKG Swim Two 8.13

Sniff, Sniff. My poor babies. No more lazy summer days. No more laying in the bed until 11am, 12pm, 1pm (GASP!) until I yank off covers and tickle toes and bellies. No more staying up late watching old cartoons and Mr. Bean. We’re slowly counting down the days, hours and seconds before we once again have to kick it into gear.LKG Swim Three 8.13We’ve been homeschooling since our oldest one (who is now 13) was about 3-years old. We’ve always homeschooled year round (No, not to torture our children). I’m a freelancer and #1Hubby’s work schedule can get a little crazy, so schooling year round gives us the flexibility we need when extra “breaks” are necessary or a 9am class has to start at 3pm because of a client deadline.LKG Swim Six 8.13

Flexibility has definitely been the key to functionality in our family. But just as seasons change, we’ve decided to take a big leap into uncharted territory this year by working with an online academy that aligns itself with the public school system. All of our kids will be school age this year (little one in the tummy not included), so #1Hubby and I agreed that it was time to change things up a bit.

LKG Swim One 8.13I haven’t talked much on this blog about what goes on behind the blog, our family life, and how we make large family living work. To be honest with you, I didn’t think anyone was interested, but after lots of “How do you do it all?” questions and “You must be  some kind of super mom!” comments, I thought I’d start taking the time to set the record straight.

One: I don’t do it all. I make lots of mistakes. Thankfully, I have a supportive husband and kids that don’t expect “perfection”. (What does that look like, anyway?)

Two: I’m not a “super mom” by any stretch of the imagination. I just pray a whole lot, do the best I can, and allow GOD to fill in the blanks.

There’s a huge learning curve in parenting that can only be overcome by trial and error. And after 14 years of marriage and 6.5 kids, I’ve learned that taking it all one day at a time, setting realistic expectations and not being so hard on myself makes for a happier life (well, a sane one anyway).

Honestly, I’m a little nervous about the new school adjustments, but I’ve always believed that change at the right time can be a good thing. (Let’s just wait and see how I’m feeling a year from now :)) Ha! Ha!

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