Sewing Patience

Patience is a virtue, but laughter is like medicine.

It takes a lot of patience to sew. I tried sewing in my teens, but gave it up quickly because the learning curve was too steep for the funky fresh 80’s fashions that I wanted to create (Ha!). I chose to work at the mall instead and use my employee discount to stock up on shoulder padded sweaters, bangles, and mini skirts. Fast forward 25 years later,  and I can’t wait to get to my sewing machine. I’ve learned that the trick to sewing (for me) is learning to laugh at your mistakes, document them so you don’t make them again, and then try again.

I’ve found this to be the case with pattern drafting and draping. I’ve made many mistakes and discarded quite a few “non-wearables”, but because I’ve stuck with it,  the process is no longer daunting, and I have way more wearable garments than I do icky ones.

My girls are fairly hard to fit because of their height and small frame, so I have difficulty buying retail without significant alterations. Since I’d rather create than alter, I’ve been focusing on drafting according to their specific measurements. Here are the skirts that  I created  using this great tutorial over at Ikatbag:

I absolutely love Ikatbag for drafting instructions. Her tutorials are very user friendly and easy to follow (even for beginners). They are great if you are looking for more of a technical perspective and precise measurements for your finished garments. I like drafting from existing garments when I need something fast, but the fit can sometimes be a hit or miss. So, when I have the extra time, I draft the garment from scratch.

Keep sewing!


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