Random Thursdays: Tying Shoelaces

Happy Thursday, my friends!

I have these random, useful things that I want to talk about on my blog, but they don’t fit neatly into any of my general categories that I have listed. So, since the Inspiration/Interpretation posts are inconsistent at best, I’ve decided to use Thursdays as my “random post” day.

Teaching our kids how to tie shoelaces can truly be hit or miss depending on the child. Up until yesterday (Hee! Hee!), I only knew of two ways to tie shoes: The regular way and then the “bunny ears” thingy. But, to my pleasant surprise, there is a third way: Magic Fingers!!!! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this one.  You should have seen me and my kids running around the house grabbing tennis shoes so we could practice :) .

Watch the video below (Magic Fingers is #3), pick your favorite, and then run like lightning to teach your little one before you forget!!!

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Happy Day

(Keep doin’ what you love!)


  • emilia

    Super rad! Btw, i came from watching your amazing skills on prap.

    • Shannon_CC

      Welcome, Emilia! Stop by anytime!!! (and thank you.)


    Gran hallazgo
    Gracias por encontrar esto para nosotras.

    • Shannon_CC

      Oh, de nada! La tercera manera es muy interesante, verdad? (The “magic fingers” is my favorite!)

  • Alexis

    Never knew there was a third way ! I think I’m going to have to start do that so I can teach my little one a new way when it’s time for her to tie her own shoes *yup*.

    • Shannon_CC

      I woke up this morning and couldn’t remember how to do it. (Ha! Ha!) I had to watch the video again. The first two ways are so engrained in my brain that my fingers kept getting mixed up. :).

  • Karly Nelson

    That was awesome! I love how she explained it. I’m so going to need to test out my “magic fingers”! I love that I have kids still learning to tie their shoes too. :D

    • Shannon_CC

      Oh, me too. I missed this with my older kids, but I’m using “magic fingers” with my youngest.