Pinterest Sewing Tip #1: Does it Work?

[yellow_box]I’ve challenged myself to begin working through the over 300 sewing techniques on my Pinterest board. The first technique listed is the one that I tried along with my pics.  If there are alternatives to the technique (from my board), they will follow. Each tutorial will include a Skill Level, Pinterest Link, and Direct Tutorial Link. Have you tried them before? If so, what did you think? Do you know a better way? Feel free to share. [/yellow_box]

Today’s Pinterest Sewing Tip is all about eliminating Gap-osis (My term of endearment for that horrible waist gap in the back of your pants.) Most of my jeans have this fitting issue. I’ve thought about having the jeans professionally tailored, but who wants to pay that kind of money every time you want a pair of pants that really fit? I know that for me, the tailoring would likely cost more than the jeans themselves, so I can’t justify the expense. I usually just throw on a belt to cinch the waist, and call it a day.

Cheri over at I am Momma Hear Me Roar (love that blog name!) had a great quick fix for this common problem. She had the brilliant idea to add a piece of elastic in the back of the jeans to draw in the extra fabric. Of the three techniques, I decided on this one because it was the quickest. It only took me a couple of minutes and as you can see, there was a vast improvement.


  • Super Quick Fix (5 minutes to sew on the elastic)
  • Works well for small gaps


  • Not very pretty on the inside (but you could always dye the elastic)
  • Not for larger gaps

My pant gap was about 3 or 4 inches. While this technique did remove a lot of the excess (yay!), there’s still some gaping. I would suggest Cheri’s technique for excess fabric of about 1-2 inches. I used 3/4″ elastic. Cheri uses 1/2″ in her tutorial, but suggests a larger piece for more gathering (and two lines of stitching).

Skill Level: Beginner and up

Pinterest Link:

Direct Tutorial Link:

If you’d prefer a “fix” that’s a little more discrete, and don’t mind a little bit of work, you can always try one of these options below:

Dorothy has a really great video showing how to take your waist in using 2 darts in the back.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner and Up

Pinterest Link:

Direct Youtube Video Link:



Still not enough adventure for you? Susan at Freshly Picked gives an excellent tutorial on taking in the side seams of jeans to eliminate the gap.

Skill Level: Advanced beginner and up

Pinterest Link:

Direct Tutorial Link:




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  • Tammia says:

    I tried that exact same tutorial a couple years ago. I agree with your pros & cons and I haven’t done it again…(although I continue to have the same problem with my jeans). Sometimes I just take in the waist in two places…sort of like a dart. It doesn’t look perfect but it makes the waist smaller without having to cinch a belt.

    • Shannon_CC says:

      I agree Tammia. The dart idea is probably a happy medium for me. Quick fixes work best for me time wise now. I’d love to do option 3 because I believe taking out the side seams would look best, but that would be one of those projects that would sit on the shelf until EVERYTHING else was done, which would be never :-). Ha!Ha!

      • Sajatha Lee says:

        Things are never done….there’s always more things to do:/ LooL! I have done the third technique on my 3 year old’s pants. It’s sew much easier trying new techniques for her….besides I sew mainly for her and my 20 month old anyways. I think I will be trying many of the ideas in your series on clothing for them.

        • Shannon_CC says:

          I took another look at my jeans today. I’m pretty certain that eventually I’ll t taking out the side seams. I live in my jeans because they’re so easy. They really should fit properly. 😉

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