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Mom Views and Reviews: Blinkbuggy

Is this your first time visiting my little blog corner? Welcome! Don't forget to subscribe to my RSS feed or my email subscription in the sidebar so you don't miss...

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Kids Clothes Week

Every time Kids Clothes Week rolls around, I get all hyper excited. Even though I already sew regularly (or at least I think about it regularly), it’s the community of...

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MOM Views & Reviews

Happy Day Everyone! I’ve shared with you all many times how crazy busy things can get around our house, and now with a new baby, WATCH OUT! Ha! Ha!  With...

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Pattern Member Feature of the Month!

Happy April, everyone! Today I want to share that my Jack and Jill Color Block shirt pattern is being featured this month on the Me Sew Crazy Pattern Member site....

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Tutorial Tuesdays: Make it Pretty Ribbon Detail

Today’s tutorial is all about making things pretty! Ribbon is so girly and feminine. I love finding new ways to incorporate it into my girl’s outfits. Join me over at...

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Motivation Mondays: Mom Truth

The Confession There are many days when I wonder if my children are going to turn out okay because in my mind, there are certain qualities that go with being...

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A Birth Story

Today I’m over at Freshly Picked sharing our little guys birth story. My pregnancy was uneventful, but delivery day was crazy! I’d love to share it with you. Thanks for...

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The Daily Sew

Hi LKG family, Are you on Facebook? I’m acting curator over at the The Daily Sew today. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite sewing tips and inspirations throughout the...

Sewing Machine Monologues

Sewing Machine Monologues

Today I’m hanging out with Palak from Sewistry (also Make It Handmade) for her Sewing Machine Monologues series. If you’re in the market for a new sewing machine or are...

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Motivation Mondays: Grateful

Our newest little feisty one. Words don’t come easily. Even grateful falls short. My heart is full.

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Motivation Mondays: Defining Success

How do you define success? Do you define it by how much money someone makes in their business? That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I first...

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Motivation Monday: Gettin’ Close!

Happy Monday Lovelies! It’s 3:06 am and unfortunately, I can’t sleep. Yep, pregnancy insomnia has reared its not so pretty face. It’s funny to me now (well, not really) that...

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