Motivation Mondays: Mom Power

Happy “Day After” Mother’s Day!

Mama Day Pics 5.13I am thankful for Mother’s Day. It’s the one time in the year that I can sit back and reflect on what it is that I really do. I’m always so busy that sometimes it’s hard to take in all that my “job” entails. Sometimes I look around and think, “I’m never gonna figure this out”. And then other times, I get an unexpected hug or snuggle from my kids and think, “Ahh, I must be getting something right”. 🙂

But those moments of reflection are few and far between because I’m just surviving, doing what I have to do to make things work. It’s nothing special. I don’t believe that there’ s anything in me that makes me  more capable than the next mom to juggle kids, husband, career and life. I just function in the “now” and pray for the best. Honestly. That’s it.

I’m pretty sure it’s the same for you, my reader moms out there. We’re survivors. We’re intuitive, quick on our feet, able to leap over toy soldiers in a single bound. We may not wear an “S” on our chest for everyone else to see, but to do what we do on a daily basis has to be classified as super human in someone’s universe.

Mama Day Pics 2 5.13I am honored to be called a mom.

We are a special breed.

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Have a great week!

Keep doing what you love,



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