Motivation Mondays: Maximize Your Moments

Where are you sitting on your Happy Meter today?

Maximize Your Moments

I spent a little time this weekend taking personal inventory. You know, that deep introspective kind of assessment where I began asking myself the difficult questions like, “Am I satisfied with where I am in my life right now?” and, “Am I doing everything that I can to maximize each moment?”

I remember how it felt when I was little to wait with expectancy for a special day like my birthday, or Christmas, or some other really cool thing that in my mind couldn’t come fast enough. I knew that my birthday was certain to come around every year, but for me, it felt like an eternity. Everything seemed to take so long (except, of course, summer vacation from school which flew by). It was nothing for me to waste hours, fantasizing about the next “big event” in my life.

Now things are different. Oddly enough, it  feels like my birthday comes around every 2-3 months, seriously, and just when I finally settle in to Monday’s tasks, I go to sleep and Friday is here already. I’m almost certain we brought my oldest son home as a newborn from the hospital just a few years ago, and yet, he’ll be a teenager in less than a year.

My mind tells me that there are still 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year, but somehow my reality paints a different picture.

When does life start moving in fast forward? Is it when you turn a certain age? Or, when you have kids? Or when your life becomes filled with . . .  well,  . . .  life?

I think it’s a little bit of all of these. While maturity has some welcomed perks like experience, wisdom, and character, it also comes with the not so pleasant reminder that at some point you’re going to be closer to the end of your life than you are to the beginning. And this can be very sobering and for many, like me, a wake up call. There’s nothing like having “advanced maternal age” slapped at the top of your medical charts to remind you that you’re not getting any younger.

So, these days I’m thinking a lot more about how my choices (like how I spend my time) will affect not only me, but my children, and hopefully one day, Lord willing, their children and so on. I’m more determined now than ever to leave something for them that they can build upon — a legacy. I’m not talking about the tangible stuff like money and property. Those things are all fine, but things can never be a substitute for a meaningful life.

Every moment that we have is a gift, so I’m choosing to live each day with expectancy and purpose.

I still have some more thinking to do on the subject, but I’m working on it. I don’t want my legacy to be based on happenstance.

Life is too short to wait around for the next “Big Thing”.

Maximize your moments!

Keep doin’ what you love!


[yellow_box]Motivation Mondays is a series that I started to share encouragement with moms. I use my past struggles as well as triumphs as a backdrop for my writing in the hope that just as others have helped me along the way, my readers will find something beneficial to carry along with them throughout their week. I believe that community is important as well as honesty and transparency. Feel free to send me a PM at littlekidsgrow (a) gmail (dot) com. My welcome mat is always at the door.[/yellow_box]

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