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Craving Potato Chips? Crazy title for a motivation article, I know. But stay with me.

A few years ago I decided to get healthy. Again.

Once I hit my late 30s and moved into my 40s, my body started rebelling. Such craziness. It was like the window to the “Where’s my old body?” abyss opened up and I was hangin’ over the edge wigglin’ my toes. It was so strange. Stress, life, and my favorite foods were no longer manageable, and after baby #6, forget it. I started having these weird digestive issues. I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say, it wasn’t pretty.

I didn’t believe that just because I was getting older, my body was going to give out on me. Something had to give, so I started eliminating things from my diet one at a time to find the culprit. Meat seemed to be responsible for my digestive issues,  go figure, so I took it out.  Grrr.  The next thing I attacked with a vengeance was refined sugars. I have a sweet tooth, but diabetes runs on both sides of my family. I had two borderline gestational diabetes scares in my last two pregnancies, so to be proactive, I “bit the bullet” and began weaning myself off of those “fantabulously” tasty sweets. I’ll have a slice of birthday cake every now and then, but for the most part I just steer clear. Double Grrr. Ha! Ha!

This article is not about getting healthy. Really. Just keep movin’ with me.

Although initially the changes were tough, the positive changes have motivated me to continue pursuing better health. I’d love to say that I have it all figured out, but I don’t. I still battle one particularly bad habit that’s getting in the way of my health goals. It’s potato chips. There, I said it. Call the food patrol because I can’t seem to kick the habit cold turkey. And listen, I’m all for the “it’s okay as long as it’s in moderation” idea, but unfortunately that’s my dilemma. What is moderation exactly? Can you define it please? Chips and I have a “can’t eat just one” relationship. It boggles the mind.  How can an inanimate food object, a fried piece of potato, have that kind of pull? I mean, come on!

The other day I indulged my craving (Strictly as a writing experiment of course :)). I poured some lightly salted beauties in a bowl and placed them just barely within reach. Since I had to s-t-r-e-t-c-h a little bit to get to them, it caused me to pause a moment to consider why I was reaching for them.

I’m going somewhere with all of this. Just hang with me for a  few more seconds.

Cravings can be dangerous because they are an illusion of comfort. We reach for them when we’re nervous, anxious, not feeling well, tired, insecure, etcetera. The distraction of a craving can throw us off the track toward our goals.  Of course, cravings aren’t limited to food. We can crave other things in our lives like love, companionship, support, fame, money, friends, power, or respect. The craving itself is not always a bad thing like  love or companionship.  But, the root of the craving  (loneliness), can cause us to lose perspective and choose the wrong thing to fill the void.

My experiment last week worked. I found that for whatever reason, potato chips are my medicine of choice when I’m working on a deadline, facing a big decision, or just bored (the crunch keeps things interesting :)) And, amazingly, now that I know this, my Lay’s potato chip bag no longer has that magical glow.

It’s easy to find reasons outside of ourselves for why our goals don’t work, but sometimes if we reach a little bit deeper, we find that the root cause is a lot closer to home.

I let the kids split the last bowl of potato chips you see pictured above. I’ve replaced them with cucumber slices. . .and dip 🙂

Have a great week!

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Keep doin’ what you love!


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  • Ajaire says:

    I was thinking about this post yesterday when I made some kettle popcorn! My husband could not stop eating it. Seriously, once he started he kept coming back in the kitchen for more handfulls all night. I wondered what was “eating” him haha. Stress from work most likely 🙂

  • Priscilla McKnight-Randle says:

    It’s so amazing for me to come across this post today. As I’ve been trying to wait expectantly for the next “Big” thing God says to me regarding my future, I’ve found myself snacking – a lot! And the thing is, I know I’m snacking because I’m anxious – but I snack nonetheless – what’s that about?!? Anywho – excellent word! I sooo very much enjoy reading your work.

    • Shannon_CC says:

      It was an eye opener for me when I started to dissect “how, when, what & why” I eat. It wasn’t pretty. I’m working hard to reverse a lot of bad habits that I developed over the years, not just with eating, but also with how I deal with my emotions, stress, etc. The older I get the more I realize the importance of taking care this one body that I have.

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