Motivation Monday: Laughter

Where are you sitting on your Happy Meter today?

Laughter cures what ails ya!

When I prepare for Motivation Mondays, I try to think about those things that have helped me over the years to navigate this Mom Journey. When people find out that we have 6 children, they usually comment that they don’t know how I do it all. The truth of the matter is I don’t do it all. I mess up. I don’t always juggle my balls well, and on occasion I will drop one, or two, (maybe 3), but thank God, I’ve learned not to take myself so seriously. Learning to laugh at myself, or life, or even some situations gives me “breathing room”, and as long as I can inhale the good and exhale the bad (even if I have to laugh while doing it), then I can get through it.

While managing a large family is no easy feat, I remember all too well that raising even one child is no walk in the park. Whether we’re growing a family, a business, or even self, life comes with growing pains —those things that stretch us and help us to develop into who God created us to be. Sometimes when challenges are staring us in the face, it can be difficult to remember that seasons change. You won’t always be a new mom, new wife, or (fill in the blank). Time brings experience, and experience brings confidence. Life is serious enough without us adding to it, so why not laugh a little bit. You deserve it! We deserve it!

Here’s a little something to raise your Happy Meter today (It has sound so adjust your speakers if necessary):

ORMIE by Rob Silvestri (Arc Produtions) Canada

 Keep doin’ what you love!


[yellow_box]Motivation Mondays is a series that I started to share encouragement with moms. I use my past struggles as well as triumphs as a backdrop for my writing in the hope that just as others have helped me along the way, my readers will find something beneficial to carry along with them throughout their week. I believe that community is important as well as honesty and transparency. Feel free to send me a PM at littlekidsgrow (a) gmail (dot) com. My welcome mat is always at the door.[/yellow_box]

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