Motivation Monday: Gettin’ Close!

Happy Monday Lovelies!

It’s 3:06 am and unfortunately, I can’t sleep. Yep, pregnancy insomnia has reared its not so pretty face. It’s funny to me now (well, not really) that outside of swollen feet and nausea, I’d forgotten most of the more interesting (and not so pleasant) physiological aspects of pregnancy. How could I forget that at some point I’d need 6 or 7 pillows strategically tucked around me before I could fall asleep? Or, that even after getting to sleep, I’d wake up 5 or 6 times before morning to ruuuunnnnnnn to the bathroom for an emergency potty break only to have a trickle of anything come out (too much of a mental picture for you? So sorry :).) Or, the hormonal mood swings? (Yep, I’m a wee bit on the cranky side these days. Sorry fam.) And what’s the deal with this annoying stuffy nose that started showing up around 2 or 3 in the morning? Ha! Ha! Really?

Shannon Preggers Gettin Close

Do you see where I’m going with all of this? No? It might look like I’m just complaining (and I am a little), but that’s not why I’m sharing my pregnancy woes with you.

The discomforts that I’m experiencing now in late pregnancy are no fun, but I understand that they are all just a part of the journey.

Whether we are birthing a baby, an idea or a dream, there comes a point in the process where things get uncomfortable. I believe that discomfort is the catalyst for change when we allow it to be. It forces us to make a choice, to adjust our perspective, and decide if we’re in it for the long haul, or if we’re going to throw in the towel and give up on what we’ve been so anxiously awaiting.

Pushing something that’s been growing inside of you out into the real world is hard work. I can’t hide my pregnancy, so it’s obvious that something is happening with me, but for many who are pregnant with dreams, goals, and amazing aspirations, it’s not so easy for others on the outside to see what you have developing inside of you, so when things get uncomfortable, it can sometimes be easier to just give up.

Allow me to encourage you today. If you feel something kicking around inside of you, and you can’t shake the feeling that something miraculous is just on the other side of the horizon, don’t let it go. Discomforts will come, but they are there to sift you and prepare you for the great gift of responsibility that’s about to be placed in your hands. So work with them, and let them do what they were meant to do.

When I think about the sleepless nights that are ahead once the baby arrives, I thank GOD for the little bit of insomnia now. It’s prepping me for what’s about to come, and I get it.

Believe in the process and trust GOD to work out the details.

Have a fantastic week!
Keep doin’ what you love!



  • Tamika says:

    What a great message this morning Shannon! I don’t think there is one person this message wouldn’t touch. It seems so easy to give up when things are uncomfortable. Thanks for the reminder to keep moving. So glad you are close to seeing your newest little miracle.

  • WinterSewstice says:

    Hmmmmm, what an interesting analogy! My husband and I took a giant step/leap a little over a year ago, and moved to another country. There were anxieties, and sleepless nights, and lots of prayers, and a few more anxieties, especially moving to a country where English is NOT spoken everywhere. We moved to Mexico, and all we knew when we got here was hola, Buenos Dias, and adios. Today, a year or so later, with what we’ve picked up, we can communicate with the locals, and navigate the grocery stores, we pay bills, and go to the grain store to shop/ask for various nuts, grains, and edible seeds. We did have friends here before we got here, but we ended up moving 3 hours away in another state. But we are enjoying it. So, a little lost sleep, a few anxieties, a lot of prayers, have proven to be a wonderful decision, and I must say the fear associated with our “giant step” has also resulted in some very wonderful friendships. Thanks for the perspective Shannon, and Enjoy! the perts that come with that anticipated bundle of joy!

    • Shannon_CC says:

      Oh, wow! I’d love to pick up and move to another country, especially for my kids. I come from a military family, so I got to move around a bit when I was younger. I guess I never got it out of my system. Congratulations to you and your husband for taking such a big leap. My Spanish has been threatening to dry up for years now because I don’t have the opportunity to “practice”. I would love to be immersed int he culture. Maybe one day. πŸ™‚

  • Stacy CK says:

    YOu look fantastic! I believe that the last few months of pregnancy are so uncomfortable, so you don’t care how much pain you go through during birth…just so you are DONE! πŸ™‚

    • Shannon_CC says:

      Ha! Ha! Isn’t it funny how the beginning of pregnancy can look so different from the end? For me, I think the waiting during those last weeks is the most difficult.

  • Priscilla Randle - Dallas says:

    How exciting! As uncomfortable as I know you may be, you look BEAUTIFUL!

  • EmSewCrazy says:

    I’m reading this on Wednesday and I needed to hear it! Thanks for the reminder to hang in there and push through.
    Hope the last bit of your waiting time goes well and baby arrives safely!

  • Heidi Kettner says:

    You look so amazing, Shannon! How can you possibly look so fabulous in your third trimester when you’re experiencing sleepless nights?! πŸ™‚ Thank you for such an uplifting post and all the best in these next few weeks before baby.

  • louise says:

    Did you write this for me?? πŸ™‚ How timely! You look fantastic! I don’t know how old you are, but I swear you look about 27! I wish I lived closer to you to learn how you do everything!

  • Judith says:

    Shannon, you look absolutely beautiful.

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