Moms Know Moms Interview: Michelle Griesel

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ICEBREAKER:  You’re one of 2 final contestants on the new game show “Make It or Fake It” For the 1 million dollar prize, you’re given two empty soda cans, a stick of gum, shoe polish , and 1 bowling pin. What do you make?

A: I’m so bad at these kinds of questions! Hmmm…okay, I’m going to cheat and say art.

Q:  Michelle, you have an impressive list of crafting skills (seamstress, hand embroiderer, and knitter). How long have you been crafting, and which one is your favorite?

A:  My mom had a sewing machine in the house growing up, so I watched her and experimented a bit with making Barbie clothes. But I officially started sewing in college and sewing will probably always be my favorite craft. I also do love the simplicity and relaxation of hand embroidery. My knitting has been extinct since my son was born almost 2 years ago! I should probably take that off my list…

Q:  You have a two-year-old, and we all know that can be a very busy age.  How do you find time to craft?

A:  I don’t! Ha 🙂 I try to work during naptime and at night when he goes to bed. I also cherish the mornings that I wake up before my son and can get that morning motivation going!

Q:  Do you include your son in any of your crafting projects? If so, what types of project?

A:  He is at that age where he loves to copy and do what Mom is doing, so in a way, yes. I’ve caught him under my machine putting his foot down on the pedal! My husband and I joke about putting those little hands to work. In all seriousness, I plan to teach him to sew someday. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy a girl, everyone should know how to sew a button on a shirt!

Q:  What’s been your favorite project to date?

One of Michelle’s Wall Creations

A:  Oooh, this is a tough one! When I worked at a quilt shop, I got more into quilting and have made a few really nice quilts and wall hangings. My favorite wall hanging was made using a technique from the book One Block Wonders. Probably my most favorite project are the colorful, patchwork curtains I made to brighten up our house during our first Alaska winter.

Q:  You recently made a big move from Alaska to Nevada.( Talk about a huge transition!) How has the process been for your family?  What’s been the most difficult part of the transition?

A:  The first part of the move was a little overwhelming for my son (he will be 2 in December). We had a looong drive, hotel stays, ferry rides, fevers, lots of people to see along the way, big cities, Mariner’s baseball game, Seattle Aquarium, etc. That first 2 weeks we left our home, we were constantly on the go and over stimulated! So that part was the hardest, just being in the limbo in-between homes.

Q:  If you had to make the move all over again would you do anything differently?

A:  Yes! I would have brought different stuff in the back of our pick up truck. Because of the nature of our move, we packed what we thought we would want in the back of our pick-up truck and the rest got packed with the movers and shipped to a storage unit 3 hours away. We were set up with a temporary furnished apartment, and we would get our stuff from storage once we had found a permanent home or apartment. Well, the rental market in our new town is flooded with too many residents and not enough places to live. We are talking at least 6 month long waitlists. Long story short, we would not have packed all that camping gear (or that compass from WWII that flagged us at the Canadian border resulting in a vehicle search), or bicycles (which my husband flew over the handle bars coming home from his first day of work – that’s another story!), but maybe we should have brought our printer, or perhaps my sewing machine!?!

Patchwork Curtains

Q:  We all experience transitions in one form or another (especially as moms). What advice can you give to someone facing a similar set of circumstances?

From a mother’s point of view, I would suggest be very understanding and extra compassionate when putting your child through so much change. All kids are different, of course, but you really have to stop and listen and take their cues. My son came from a pretty small town in remote Alaska. Not only did we just one day uproot him from our home and his routine, but we took him to all kinds of new places and visits with lots of family and friends. He was just so overwhelmed and confused.

Q:  What has been your greatest challenge as a mom? How have you handled that challenge? What’s the best mom advice you ever received?

Now that my son is almost 2, he really is turning into a little person who absorbs everything around him. My greatest challenge is, and will continue to be, how to raise a kind and respectful human being. To do that, I really have to kind of “watch what I’m doing.” I never thought that being a mom would result in taking a step back and trying to be a better person myself. Right now, that is not easy as I’m dealing with toddler tantrums!

The best mom advice I ever received was to remember that all kids are different and you cannot compare your kid to other kids, especially in regards to developmental milestones. (I have lost several hours of sleep at night worrying about this!)


Thank you Michelle for sharing!

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