Moms Know Moms Day 8: Louise

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family life.

I’m a mother to an adorable almost 5-year-old son. And a wife to another adorable guy. We just recently added a very cute beagle girl to the family, so now we have an even playing field with boys and girls! hehehe! I’m also an architect so I work part time doing that and part time being a wife and mother. Wait! No. I am still a full time wife and mother!

Louise Blog Header

What’s the name of your blog/website? What is the significance of the name (How does it reflect you as a person or what you stand for?) How long have you been blogging?

My blog is called I’m Feelin’ Crafty and it’s pretty self-explanatory! I used to have a company named da-a tis (which is ‘There it is’ in my great great aunt’s southern accent) and it was too hard for people to understand or pronounce, so I needed a new name with my new blog. And I’m Feelin’ Crafty just fit. I craft. I sew. It kinda covers it all! I started my blog about 4.5 years ago with the intention of just sharing what I was doing with family and friends back home. It has since grown and grown!Louise kindlecover

For many, sewing/crafting is a big part of who you are as a person. Why is “creative expression” important to you and how has it affected the quality of your life?

It’s a huge part of who I am! I was recently talking to some friends about it and explaining how I love being so busy making things, but I can’t even make everything I come up with. Some days I wish I could just turn it off! But I can’t and I keep going. I just love making things. And I love seeing the excitement in my son’s eyes when I make him something he loves.

Working inside or outside of the home (or running a blog or website on a part to full time basis) can be especially tough because of the difficult choices we have to make with how to divide our time between work and family. Have Louise stayputscarf-gtsyou ever felt guilty about the choices you’ve made, and what advice would you give to someone struggling with those same types of feelings?

I wish I had some good advice! I need some! I’m struggling with this now, actually! I get most all of my creative projects done at night after the boys go to bed. So I stay up and create. It’s really hard to integrate my projects into the day when I’m home with the kiddo or on the weekends, because that’s the time I need to be spending with family, but like I mentioned earlier, I can’t just turn off my creative expression!

You’ve transitioned from hobbyist to business woman. What made you take the leap? What has been your greatest challenge? What has been your greatest reward?

I’m a bit of both! I finally started an etsy shop and it’s going well. So I’m slowly taking my hobby to the professional level. Then there’s still my day job as an architect. I took the leap to start the etsy shop because one, I was not working as an architect for a while and two, I had friends supporting me telling me that I could do it! And I did! And to see it make an income for our family (not much but something) has been great! And to watch it steadlily climb! Success! And like I mentioned before my biggest challenge is finding the balance between family and craft.Louise Pirate Party

What’s the best mom advice you’ve ever received?

Remember that they are only (fill in the blank) years old! My son was pretty verbal early and spoke very clearly. So sometimes I’d forget I was still only speaking with a three-year-old. So sometimes I do have to remind myself that he’s still a kid and I’m still an adult!

In terms of family, career and motherhood, how do you define success?

Having a happy home! Since motherhood, my priorities have changed! I didn’t realize just how fast time flies until I had my son. A high level job position and tons of money (well, being an architect I wasn’t really going to get to the having tons of money status anyway), for me, aren’t as important as being present for my son! And exposing my son to as many thing as we can! And just being there to enjoy each other!

After taking some time away from my career and coming close to abandoning it all together, I realized that I don’t want to participate in my field of work. I wasn’t ready to write it off just yet. But that took a huge circle of emotions to come to that conclusion. And I feel blessed to have found a way to make all of my endeavors work.

Line-2Louise, thank you for sharing with us today.

You can find Louise at I’m Feelin’ Crafty,  Pinterest and Facebook.

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A Question for You:

Have you turned your hobby into a business? What’s been your biggest challenge/reward? (Leave a link to your shop/site.)




  • EmSewCrazy says:

    I’m not a Mom but I am working on turning my hobby into a business. I struggle with balance and using my time wisely even without kids and getting to read all these inspiring Mom stories really reminds me to keep going and if they can do it, I can do it too. I’m a diabetic with celiac disease so having that flexibility and being able to work from home is one reward. I truly love sewing and creating so that’s a reward too!
    Thanks Shannon, Louise and all you other encouraging moms! You’re all amazing!

    Here’s my shop link:

    • Shannon_CC says:

      It’s Emily, right? I am such a vintage pattern junkie. I just visited your etsy shop. So much eye candy! (Those little cowboy boots, are so stinkin’ cute!!!)

      I’m so glad you’re hangin’ out with us during this series. Please continue to share. I completely agree with you about balance. When we’re juggling lots of things (no matter what those things are), flexibility is crucial.

      • EmSewCrazy says:

        Yep, Emily is my name!
        Sorry for all the tempting patterns… I have trouble keeping myself focused with them too. 🙂
        This is a really great series even if you’re not a Mom.

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