Moms Know Moms: An Apology and A Thought

Dearest friends,

I had a small emergency today that kept me from posting today’s giveaway. My sincerest apologies. I’m finally at my computer as I write this at 9:24pm. I was tempted to put the giveaway up tonight, but didn’t want it to interfere with our interview with Caila from Caila Made on tomorrow. I’ve opted to post the giveaway on this Saturday instead.

My biggest take away from today’s experience is that among other things, “flexibility” is definitely another requirement of effectively managing motherhood. Without it, we crumble under the pressure of rigidity. Just yesterday, Stacey said in her interview that “As with anything, once I finally get a schedule just the way I like it, something changes and I have to roll with the punches.” So true! Today I did a lot of rolling around with those punches. Not fun, but a necessary part of what we do.

Thank you for your understanding. Check in tomorrow for Caila’s interview.

Keep doin’ what you love!



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