Moms Know Moms (An Invitation)

You are cordially invited to participate in . . .

Moms Know Moms 2013

What is that, you say?

If you are not already familiar, the Moms Know Moms series is an annual series that we run during the month of October on the Little Kids Grow blog. It’s a fantastic month of interviews with moms from all over the blogosphere who are professional jugglers (life, family, careers, blogs), you name it. The Moms Know Mom series is when we pull back the curtain and debunk the super mom myth. It’s easy to read a blog or look at someone’s life and think, “Wow, they really have it together”, but the reality is that most of us moms struggle with the same issues. We make tough choices everyday. We battle insecurity and aren’t always sure if we’re making the right decisions.

I’m really excited about the interviews we have lined up for this year so far. We have a little more than half of the month filled up already, but there’s still room for more! If you’re interested in participating, here’s how it works.

1. I send you a list of interview questions. Most of them are centered around how you balance family life, careers, sewing, blogging etc. You can share as much or as little as you like.
2. Send your responses back to me. That’s it!
3. If you don’t have a blog or website that I can get pictures from, I will ask you to provide those for the interview.

*** I’m not looking for perfect moms, just moms who are willing to share how they do what they do.

Here’s an interview with Susan Yates (Crafter Hours Blog) from last year’s series.

Want to sign up or have questions? Send me an email littlekidsgrow (at) gmail (dot) com

Keep doin’ what you love!


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