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So, how’s your child’s baby book coming along? So you say your baby is now 13 and you still have a bunch of his baby pictures in a box? Ha! Ha! Oh, yeah, that would be me.

Seriously, I’ve had the best intentions when our kids were born to chronicle their precious moments, and amazingly, I’ve done a pretty decent job in the picture taking department. Unfortunately, organizing the pics is another matter. I’m grateful for digital cameras because now I don’t have to try to remember which box I stored all the baby pics in, but up until recently, I had no idea what to do with all of those digital photos.

I have another great app for you this week for Apparoo’s App of the Week. It’s called Blinkbuggy and it’s sure to help you get those baby photos organized. Here’s the description:

How do we always find time to post super-adorable kid pictures on Facebook, but somehow never get that long-planned baby book done? Well, guilt-trip no more. Blinkbuggy is an online baby book that puts all your photos, milestones and funny stories in one place – and it’s as easy as a status update. You can keep it completely private, link to social media (it can even grab the photos you’ve already posted), or share with whomever you choose – great for grandparents! These precious years will disappear faster than that photo you posted last month, so don’t spend another moment procrastinating. Create an enduring – and endearing – album with Blinkbuggy online and in print!

MOM REVIEW: I always say that I’m not “tech savvy”, but I won’t be saying that anymore. This app is so easy to use. Not only can you upload or take pics to share, but you can also keep special quotes (my kids say the funniest things) and there’s even a place for you to keep notes. No more, “Ooh, I have to remember to write that in the baby book when I get home”. If you keep your phone with you like I do, you’ll always have a way to capture the moment AND the details. It’s super easy to set up. This one is a keeper.

And guess what? It’s FREE! Just follow this link to iTunes. I’m not sure how long it will be free, but I snatched it up so that I could finally start organizing that truckload of photos I have on my computer, phone, digital camera, and my husband’s computer, whew! (Let me know what you think!)

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