Men to Boys (Pants! Pants!Pants!)

A lot of my fabric stash looks like this. Bunches of men’s pants that I’ve either thrifted or gotten from my husband. I have the hardest time finding durable fabric that can take on the rough and tumble of my boys. I’ve tried varies bottom weights at my local fabric store, but they’re just not the same. Plus, I can thrift a pair of men’s pants for $1 or $2 or for free. I actually prefer using store bought pants for something quick and easy because I can use the existing seams, hems,  AND  pockets.

Since my boys really needed pants, that’s what I’ve been working on  for my second KCWC project. The grey pair on the right was one that I made a couple of weeks ago to test out my single pattern. I did the creme colored pair not too long after that for my 5-year-old , but didn’t realize he’d grown so much, so today I added a cuff to lengthen them. The only complete pair that I worked on today is the green pair (left). They’re nothing fancy, but they are durable and great for playing, running, jumping, spinning, kicking, and wrestling :-).

My boys like them, and apparently, Thomas the Train likes them too!

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