Make for Mom Series

Hi everyone! I’m hanging out with the lovely Shaffer Sisters today for some “mommy sewing”. Woo!!! Stop by and say, “Hi!”.

Make for Mom Shaffer Sisters Pic 2


  • Tamika says:

    Great job on your outfit Shannon! Love the smirk on your face. Glad you made some time for yourself friend.

    • Shannon_CC says:

      Thank you, Tamika!

      My 12-year-old took the picture and wanted to get back to riding his scooter (LOL) I kept stopping him and saying, “Okay, just one more, and then you can finish playing.” Ha! Ha! He was looking at me like, “Yeah right. You said that 20 pictures ago.” He was so cute. (That’s where the smirk came from.)

  • Tracy K. says:

    This is such a great outfit! I want one it won’t look half as gorgeouse on me though :). I hope you had a super Mother’s Day.

    • Shannon_CC says:

      Hi Tracy! Happy belated Mother’s Day to you, too! I wish all my bloggy sewing friends lived close by so we could get together for some “sew for yourself” parties. 🙂

  • Ajaire says:

    Your face is priceless in those pictures! I love the outfit. So unique and fits you perfectly!

  • Joy says:

    U r too cute! Too cute not to sew for yourself and share that talent with us!
    I read your post and said to myself ‘stop being so blah and go sew something’ – thanks Shannon 🙂

    • Shannon_CC says:

      Yeah! That’s right, Joy. GO SEW SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF!!! (You deserve it!)

      (Thank you for the compliment)

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