Boy’s & Hats! A Driver’s Cap (Testers needed)

Happy Friday Friends!

For those of you that have been hangin’ out with me since  I was a contestant on Project Run & Play (and before), you know that I love hats on kids. I think they are absolutely fantastic! They add so much style and personality to outfits and with just the right one, a child’s personality will shine!Little Kids Grow Hat Collage

I’ve had a few requests for a driver’s cap for boys (A great  look for girls, too). But, let me tell ya! If it weren’t for the fact that I love hats as much as I do and will pretty much give any design challenge a try, I would have thrown in the towel and raised the white flag on this one. Ha! Ha! But, after a few bazillion tries, everything finally came together (Whew!)

The D Cap Collage This little driver’s cap will be another free bonus pattern offered to new and existing  subscribers of the LittleKidsGrow monthly newsletter (Sign-up HERE). It is a fully lined cap that works well for medium weight woven fabrics. I haven’t tested the pattern with knit fabric, yet, but that will likely be an option. The hat requires interfacing and a sturdy material like buckram or something similar for the brim (You can use other materials for the brim like flexible plastic, but you’ll need to let the hat air dry if you wash it because it may not be dryer safe.)

This hat pattern is a little bit on the persnickety side. An intermediate sewer shouldn’t have difficulty (Advanced beginners who are comfortable attaching linings, interfacings and sewing around curves/angles should be fine as well).

I need testers for the following sizes:

small (19.5″/49.5cm)       medium (20.5″/52cm)          large (21.5″/54.6cm)         extra-large (22.5″/57.2cm)

If you’d like to test this hat just let me know in the comments below or send me a lovely email at Please include the size and whether it will be for  a boy or girl. I’m looking for 5 additional testers for the small/medium sizes and 3 more testers for the large and extra-large sizes.

I should have the pattern out to all testers by this Tuesday, June 7th and will need review responses (survey provided) and sample photos back by the following Wednesday, June 15th. (I was looking at my May calendar, OOPS!) Tuesday, June 11th and need everything back (including pics) by the  following Wednesday, June 19th.

(I will contact all testers by tomorrow.)

Thank you, lovlies!

Happy Day,



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