Lazy Daisy Tunic

It’s hard to believe that the KCWC, hosted by Elsie Marley, is coming to a close. Unfortunately, all I have to show for it is a single garment. Actually, I’ve done other sewing this week, but this is the only piece I finished. (I’m such a busy mama :)).

I call this the Lazy Daisy Tunic. Why? you ask. Well, let me tell you.

I made a flat pattern for the bodice from an existing garment. Unfortunately, I forgot to include a seam allowance. While some prefer to add a seam allowance when tracing the pattern onto fabric,  I find it easier to just include the seam allowance in the pattern itself.  I’m also not big on muslins or test garments (although they REALLY help alleviate the pain of the drafting error blues)  because I’m usually short on time and I don’t like to waste fabric. You laugh? Yes, I would laugh too because when creating a pattern (any pattern), it makes good sense to test out what you’ve drafted. The Lazy Daisy Tunic is what comes about when one is too lazy (or stubborn) to start over and figures out a way to work with what you’ve got.

I didn’t realize until after I’d cut out my fabric that I’d forgotten to add the seam allowance to the shoulder area and back pieces of the pattern, and of course, I couldn’t throw the fabric away, so taking the contrasting yellow linen fabric, I added 1 inch to each shoulder piece and one inch to the inside back pieces. Instead of making the same adjustment to the lining, I opted to attach the lining pieces directly to the bodice. I then created bias tape out of the yellow linen and used it for the neckline and arm holes. I loved the way the contrasting fabric looked on the back piece, so I cut the front bodice in half and added contrasting fabric there as well. I left about a 3 inch opening in the front neckline and added a zipper to the back.

Finally,I added pleats (my favorite part of the garment) and hemmed the bottom.

This trial and error process was ABSOLUTELY worth it. I’ve already adjusted my pattern and look forward to making this piece again.

Keep doing what you love,




  • Tammia says:

    I completely know what you mean–I don’t ever make a muslin of anything. Who has time? There’s plenty of times I’ve had to make alterations as I go. Your tunic turned out super cute!

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