Knock It Off Series!

Hi All,

I just wanted to make a quick announcement today to let you all know about the Knock It Off Series that a good bloggy friend of mine (Heidi from Elegance and Elephants) will be hosting in the month of November. Heidi just won second place in this season’s Project Run & Play, so believe me when I say that her Knock It Off series is sure to be AMAZING!

Here’s a a piece of her description:

Have you ever seen an awesome shirt, dress, pants, etc in a store or online for the little one(s) you sew for, and wished you could figure out how to make it yourself? ¬†Save some money and make it your own? ¬†Or maybe it’s something one of your favourite fashion icon (or their kid) has worn? ¬†Well, all next month, an amazingly talented line up of designer moms are going to do just that: knock off a look, garment, or accessory, and show how they did it! ¬†How cool is that?! ¬†All childrenswear…all knock offs…all November!

She’s also created a Flickr group for everyone to join. (I Loovvveeeee it!)

I’m super thrilled to be one of the featured designers in the series along with an amazing group of talented designers that I’ve admired from afar:

Nov 2 – Elegance & Elephants
Nov 5 –¬†a girl and a glue gun
Nov 6 –¬†Running With Scissors
Nov 7 –¬†nest full of eggs
Nov 8 –¬†The Mother Huddle
Nov 9 –¬†Caila Made
Nov 12 –¬†Naptime Crafters
Nov 13 – Elegance & Elephants
Nov 14 –¬†Little Kids Grow (ME!)
Nov 15 –¬†Daisy Chain Creations
Nov 16 –¬†My Handmade Home
Nov 19 –¬†Simple Simon & Co
Nov 20 –¬†Sew Country Chick
Nov 21 –¬†you & mie
Nov 22 –¬†Winter Wonderings, Wanderings, & Whatnot
Nov 23 –¬†Sewing Like Mad
Nov 26 –¬†Delia Creates
Nov 27 –¬†Let’s Do Sew/Petit √† Petit & family
Nov 28 –¬†Frances Suzanne
Nov 29 –¬†Melly Sews
Nov 30 –¬†The Train to Crazy

Hop on over to her blog and grab a button to show your support. (You know you need to stretch those sewing skills, right? I’ll be right here supporting you all the way!)

Keep doin’ what you love!




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