Kids Clothes Week

Every time Kids Clothes Week rolls around, I get all hyper excited. Even though I already sew regularly (or at least I think about it regularly), it’s the community of sewers coming together to share what they’re working on that makes me smile.

If you’re not familiar, Kids Clothes Week is a seasonal activity where you are challenged to set aside at least an hour every day for a week to sew something for your kid(s) or someone else’s kids. Then you can go to the site and post what you’re creating. It’s exciting to see what everyone is doing and to learn about new patterns and bloggers.

I decided to use my dedicated time to work on my pattern grading. Here’s a sneak peak of what I have on my drafting table right now. I actually started working on this last summer. KCW gave me a good reason to pull it out and finish it. It’s a spring top called “Breeze” for big girls (sizes 8-14). I’m so excited!

Breeze Top Sneak Peak

Keep doin’ what you love!



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