JuneBug Remix!

I recently migrated posts from my old blog here. I thought it would be neat to start my first post off with a pattern remix. Project Run & Play has started their new season and invited readers to participate alongside the contestants. How cool, right?

The first challenge was to remix the JuneBug pattern from over at Craftiness is Not Optional. This was great fun for me. My twin girls are 9, tall and very thin. Store bought clothes never fit well. They’re either too short in the legs or too wide in the shoulders and droopy. This pattern remix gave me a chance to create a “Big Girl” style tunic/dress with a bit of personality and also practice my drafting skills. Yay!

I extended the original front pattern piece to eliminate the seam. I then sewed the apron portion to the front bodice and added buttons for decoration. There’s also a kick pleat on the front left side that’s difficult to see from the pictures.

The tunic has a snug fit, so I added a slit in the back bodice piece to make it easy for the dress to be slipped on and off over the head. I also added faux pleating to the back and added a panel to cover the back waist seam.

I cut out the pattern and material for two dresses, but only put one together because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Looks like I’ll be putting the other one together really soon.

The remixes for the contest are amazing. Take a peek at  Project Run & Play.



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