Inspiration/ Interpretation: J.Crew Romper

I pin a lot of “To Do” sewing projects on Pinterest, but I’ve never really been motivated to try them. I just like looking at the pretty pictures (Ha! Ha!) Recently, I participated in a Pinterest challenge over at Michelle Patterns. I’m learning pattern drafting, so I thought the challenge would be great practice and it was. I’ve decided to make Inspiration/Interpretation a regular part of my blog as a motivation to keep practicing my drafting skills.  I’m not creating  “Knock offs”. I plan to  find something that inspires me about the piece and reinterpret it.  This week I chose the J. Crew Romper. I think its a great summer look for the girls. I love the neckline and that it’s a one piece. I’d never drafted a one piece before, and it took a lot longer than I expected to figure out how to piece everything together, but the experience was worth it. I learned so much.


CHANGES: I didn’t use elastic in the neckline, but I like the look and will probably add it next time. I also did not extend the ruffles to the back part of the neckline.  I lengthened the shorts, shortened the belt and lined the garment completely.  I used a bodice pattern that I already drafted for the girls, but I didn’t realize how different the shape was from the J.Crew jumper until I’d sewn it all together.  By then, I’d cut so much fabric that I wasn’t up for drafting the bodice again. Maybe next time.  So much to learn!


FABRIC: I used a thrifted fabric from my stash (formerly a very soft cotton duvet). I  thought about matching up the stripes (plaids? checks?) on the shorts, but the look reminded me too much of a pair of Espirit pants I used to wear in the 80’s (Too much of a flashback for me :)).

I think the fabric pattern is “off” just enough to add interest.

I’m looking forward to next week’s challenge already!

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep doin’ what you love!




  • susan says:

    You did a good job!  I’m learning patternmaking too and it’s hard work, but so worth it. 🙂

    • Shannon_CC says:

       Hi Susan! Thank you so much for the encouragement. You’re right. Pattern drafting is hard work. I just keep reminding myself that one day it won’t be such a challenge. (Enjoy your 4th!)

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