“I Love You” Without Words

Why do you sew?

I sew for lots of reasons. One, I’m a creative spirit and need the outlet. I’m pretty sure that if I wasn’t sewing, I’d be knitting, drawing or sculpting something really big and ostentatious :). Two, it costs a truck load of money to clothe a family of 8, so I either sew to keep up with my growing kids or I get  a second job (Which one would you choose?) And, three, when I make something with my hands, I can’t help but include a piece of my heart. This is my favorite reason for sewing. It’s my “I love you” without words.

I have a few friends in the bloggy community who are taking their “I love you’s” through crafting and bringing special awareness to causes that are dear to their heart. These are all beautiful women. I just wanted to share a little bit of blog space with them today to highlight their efforts. (Do any of their causes resonate with you? I’m sure they’d be thrilled for you to visit their sites for more information.)


Sew Much Ado Ruby LouThis is a beautiful project created to bring awareness to organ donation. It is in honor of a little girl, Ruby Jane, who passed away at only 7 months due to liver failure.  Her parents created the Ruby Jane Foundation to bring awareness to the importance of becoming an organ donor. These adorable doll patterns have been created in her honor. For more information about this very special project, visit Abby’s site Sew Much Ado. 100% of the proceeds (August) for her doll pattern will be given to the Ruby Jane Foundation.


Kerry Todd My Life His MissionA dear bloggy friend of mine, Kerry Todd and her husband have decided to adopt. They’ve already adopted one precious pumpkin and have felt a special tug on their hearts to adopt another little one. She recently opened up an Etsy shop to help fund their mission (Adoption can be costly). She designs inspirational prints and jewelry. You can find more information about her shop and their beautiful adoption journey here.

Boy Oh Boy Crafts Shes So Worth ITHave you heard of the She’s Worth It Campaign? My friend over at Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Crafts (along with a ton of other crafters) is participating in this worthwhile project. Participants create a bracelet or pouch to be sent to women who’ve been rescued from human sex trafficking.  For more information, visit the super awesome Andrea Panell’s site, The Train to Crazy.

Keep doin’ what you love!



  • Danneel Mitchell says:

    I am going through something very heavy right now and sewing is my outlet! I am in flowing tears as I write this. Your blog is so inspirational!!! As I read the stores about your guest bloggers and their situations, my problems did not matter so much. I found myself praying for them instead of myself. Thank you!

    • Shannon_CC says:

      Oh, precious pie, you are certainly welcome. I hope whatever heaviness you’re holding in your heart right now gets better soon.

  • Tammia says:

    that is the BEST way to describe the motivation to sew. love that truth.

  • Heidi Kettner says:

    Including a piece of your heart in your sewing….I LOVE that! Thank you for sharing these wonderful ways to send some sewing love to those in need, Shannon!

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