Have You Seen This?

[yellow_box] It looks like I’m going to have to change my Thursday posting schedule because for some reason, I keep finding other things to talk about :-)[/yellow_box]

I love to laugh. I need to laugh. I’ve said it before.  Laughter is truly like medicine. It does the body good.

I recently stopped by Me Sew Crazy for a visit when I ran across a video link in one of the comments (2littlehooligans). Now, apparently this video is 2-years-old.  I can’t tell you how this one slipped under my radar, but I’ve got it and snatched it up for your viewing pleasure. It’s called the “Swagger Wagon”. It’s an ode to all of us minivan drivin’, children totin’, other parent’s kids chaperonin’ super moms and dads out there. Enjoy.

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  • gina says:

    I think this video could fall into the inspirational category…it is funny! Have a good weekend Shannon! Are you going to try to sew along with PR&P?

    • Shannon_CC says:

      I want to SO badly, but I have a work deadline that’s kept me away from my dear sewing machine for over a week now (boo! hoo!) I might just barely make the last week of PR&P, but that’s up in the air.

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