Google Reader is Ending: Other Options for LittleKidsGrow

Happy Friday everyone!

Many of you are already aware that Google Reader will be ending soon. For those of you that subscribe to LittleKidsGrow via Google Reader, I wanted to share a couple of options with you so that you don’t miss a post. I’ve placed a link for both Feedly and Bloglovin below.

Follow my blog with Feedly
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Both sites have a nice reader set-up. It just depends on your preference.

Don’t forget! July 1st is almost here. (If you are subscribing by email or not using a reader, just ignore this post. Ha! Ha!)

Enjoy your weekend!



  • Tracy K. says:

    I subscribed by email a long time ago but Bloglovin is new to me and so far I am lovin it :). I also have the iPad app which makes me smile.

    • Shannon_CC says:

      I already had Feedly and signed up for Bloglovin just to see what it was about. I’m lovin’ both of them. Now I need to pick one. Ha! Ha!

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