Good Stuff: “Digital Mom” Book Review

Hi All!

I love a good book, and  I’ve found a great one for all you digital moms out there! I might be a little behind on this one but nevertheless, it’s definitely worth mentioning.

The Digital Mom Handbook by Audrey McClelland and Colleen Padilla is my new favorite “go to” book for all things mommy + digital + bloggy techy + success.

I’d never heard of the authors before reading this book. Hey, what can I say? I don’t get out much (smile), but, I KNOW THEM NOW! If you’ve ever wanted to know the ins and outs of running a successful online site (even with little ones strapped to each hip), you’ll definitely enjoy this read.

They start the book off with their personal stories about how they got into blogging. It was really great to see how they both kind of stumbled into their online careers. But, while they may have both landed into unexpected occupations, they don’t attribute their success to luck, but rather to hard work, dedication and strategic planning.

In The Digital Mom’s Handbook, you’ll find information on the following:

  • Finding your passion
  • How to set up your online presence to make an impact
  • Finding your audience
  • Advertisers and what to do when they come knocking
  • Revenue streams and how to get started
  • Defining your version of success (or Don’t Forget the Children!)

These are smart women who define success on their own terms and have figured out a way to package that into a well-written resource for aspiring digital moms. The book also includes success stories of other digital moms.

My favorite part of the book is their transparency. They don’t paint an unrealistic picture of their chosen lifestyle, nor do they pretend that by doing AB and C you will be successful. They are careful to weigh the pros against the cons to give the reader a realistic view of what being a digital mom is about. You can then decide if you want to jump in feet first or wait this one out.

Grab one for  yourself! (You can thank me for it later)

Read an excerpt here

Enjoy your weekend.

Keep doin’ what you love!




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