Girly Girl Hoodie: More Details

Hi friends! I hope your Christmas was filled with lots of love, good food, and happy memories.

Now that we’ve slowed down (well, sort of), I wanted to tie up a few loose ends.

Below you’ll find the supplemental information for the Girly Girl  mini-tute that I shared here: Feel free to ask me any questions.

Drafting the Hood

There are many ways to draft a hood from simply tracing an existing garment to the more technical side of taking full measurements. I’d like to think of my solution as a “happy medium”.

For this hood you’ll only need 3 measurements: Hood Depth, Hood Height, and Hoodie Neckline Measurement. Here’s how to get those pesky measurements done:

Hood Depth:
From profile: Measure from forehead to desired depth of hood. If you have lots of hair to fit under your hood, make sure you take that into consideration (I added a couple of inches of “just in case” room). Add preferred seam allowance to final measurement.

Hood Height:
From Profile: Starting at 1.5” above crown, measure vertically to hoodie neckline. Add seam allowance to final measurement.

Hoodie Neckline:

Measure the full hoodie neckline. Take 1/2 of the total and add your seam allowance.

Using tailor’s chalk or any temporary marking, draw your hood shape directly onto your fabric (or permanently on pattern paper) using the sample diagram in the mini tutorial.

Tips: I started the opening of the hood at the existing hemline of the t-shirt to avoid having to hem the hood. If you choose the same, make sure both the front and back hemlines of the shirt are lined up. Pin the hemlines together and smooth out the fabric before cutting out your hood.

Adding Ruffles to Pocket:

Tips: When adding ruffles to your pocket, make sure that your ruffles overlap. Pin the ruffles on both sides of the pocket. Sew down both sides of the pocket to secure. Starting with your top ruffle, place a pin in the middle of the ruffle and then sew down the center of each ruffle to attach securely.

Tip: Once attached, press ruffles flat.

Tip: When attaching pocket to shirt (at top and bottom of pocket only), lift up your ruffle, and attach underneath.

That’s it! If I missed anything, please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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