Favorite Things Wednesday:

What I’m LOOKING at this week!

Catherine over at CathGrace is an absolutely amazing seamstress. I had the privilege of getting  to know her during Project Run and Play, and I am still floored by her phenomenal talent. Seriously, when I first looked at the picture I was like, “Where’s the Knock Off?? I thought the second picture was just a closeup. Ha Ha, silly me! This week she’s sharing a tutorial for her lovely Anthropologie Knock Off. (She even crocheted the collar. Wow!) Here’s the pin. (When the window opens up, just click on the picture to go to her site. )

Caila over at CailaMade has a great idea for transforming our little boy’s Leggo masterpieces into something that they’ll treasure. She took a picture of a toy her son made and uploaded it into her editing software. She then created a digital image of it and voilĂ , a picture to put on her son’s t-shirt. I’m loving this. My train and robot builders would be thrilled to wear their creations. You can find her tutorial on her guest post for K.I.D.S at MeSewCrazy. Pin it here.  (When the window opens up, click on the image to go directly to her tutorial).

Okay, so admittedly, I don’t eat a lot of sweets (trying to curb the sugar habit), but Chocolate, Pecan, & Caramel “Turtle” cupcakes? Come on! How am I supposed to resist such deliciousness? Jessica at Craftiness is Not Optional has really messed up my sugar hiatus with this one. I haven’t tried it yet, but the cake is from a Hershey’s chocolate recipe, ummm, no complaints this way! You can find the awesome recipe here.

Hope you’re having a great week!

Keep doin’ what you love,





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