Easy Summer Sack Dress

Easy Summer Sack Dress



Today I get to share my summer dress tutorial for the 30 Days of Sundresses series hosted by Melissa from Melly Sews. When it comes to sewing for myself, you all know that I’m all for the quick, simple sewing with minimal time investment. If it takes more than a couple of hours, it will likely end up in my To Do pile that is currently collecting dust. 🙂

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I created something that’s simple to sew with only a few body measurements. I call it the Easy Summer Sack Dress. Now, truthfully, I’d probably think twice before buying anything to wear called a sack, but hey, that’s all I could come up with, Ha! Ha! (It was one of those days.)

I used a knit fabric (2 way stretch along the selvage) which was more forgiving, but this will work with a non-stretch fabric also.  Just make sure you add in lots of ease for comfort.

Measurements Needed:

Shoulder to Shoulder (front only/across upper chest)


Base of neck to waist


Scye Depth (To calculate Scye Depth/Armhole Length, use the following formula based on chest measurement):

  • 24 to 30 inch = (chest/4) + 1(1/4) inch
  • 30 to 38 inch = (chest/4) + 1(5/8)inch
  • > 38 inch = (chest/5) – 1/2 inch


STEP 1 Cut Out Pattern Pieces (In Windows, Click Diagram to Enlarge)



SPECIAL NOTE: I used a Knit Elastic, so it had a lot more “give” (It wasn’t stiff.) This is why I suggest subtracting 2 inches from waist measurement. To determine what’s best for you, place elastic around your waist, stretching to where it’s comfortable (not too tight). Add in your seam allowance.  Cut here.

STEP 1 Sew Pieces Together

1. For Bodice Piece:  From top of Bodice, measure Scye depth + 1″. Mark point on both sides of Bodice (Both pieces).

2. With right sides facing, sew Bodice pieces together from bottom up, stopping at marked point. (use 5/8″ SA)

3.  Open seams and iron flat. Continue to iron the unsewn sides over by 5/8″

Easy Summer Sack Dress Ironing edges over

(OPTIONAL) Fold edges under by 1/4″ to create French Seams. Sew in place.

Easy Summer Sack Dress French Seams

4. Fold Top edges of Bodice over by 1/4″. Iron flat. Fold over again, 1 1/4″ to create casing. Iron Flat. Close casing by sewing 1/4″ from edge.

5: For Skirt Piece: With right sides facing, sew sides of skirt pieces together.

6. Turn the bodice inside out and place over skirt piece. Right sides should be facing. Pin the bottom of the Bodice to the top edge of the skirt, matching side seams.

2013-06-26 20.05.09

7. Sew pieces together 1/8″ from edge.  Sew again 1″ from edge. (This is your waist casing). Fold the casing up toward bodice, ironing away from the seam. Sew the upper casing to the Bodice, leaving 2″ open to insert elastic.

8.  Insert elastic. Over lap edges of elastic by seam allowance. Use a small zigzag stitch to close.  Try on for fit and make any adjustments to the elastic if necessary. Close casing.

STEP 2 Add Neck Band

1.  Fold Neck Band Piece length-wise with right sides facing. Sew one end and length of Band closed (1/4″) from edge. Trim. Turn Band right side out and iron flat. Press open end inward by 1/4″. Iron flat. Stitch closed 1/4″ from edge. (Need help turning your tube right side out. Try my video here.

2013-06-26 21.42.08   2013-06-26 21.44.05

2. Place button hole 1/4″ from edge.

2013-06-27 09.54.32

3.  Feed Band through front and back casing. Over lap ends. Mark button placement and sew your button in place. Open button hole.2013-06-27 10.30.40


 4.  Hem skirt to desired length. (My hemline ended up being my selvage, so I didn’t hem mine. )


Thanks for stopping by today. If you have any questions about this tutorial, please leave me a message in the comments or send me an email at littlekidsgrow@gmail.com

Have a great weekend.

Keep doin’ what you love!


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