Easy Peasy Flower Tutorial

There are lots of different ways to make fabric flowers, but since I’m usually short on time, I needed a flower that I could whip up fairly quickly without having to think about it too much. The underside of this quick flower is not very pretty, but the trade off in time saved is worth it. This flower works well if you are going to sew it directly to a garment or another place where only the top and sides of the flower will be visible.



Threaded needle for hand sewing and matching thread

A button or glue-on jewel for the center of the flower

Fabric glue like Liquid Stitch™  or something similar

3-4  “squares” (5″ x 6.5 “) in a lightweight fabric like a cotton or linen. The finished flower  ended up measuring about the size of my palm about 3″ x 3″. You can use any size squares that you like and even vary the sizes within the same flower. You’ll notice by the measurements that it’s actually a rectangle. I like to think of it as an exaggerated square on its way to becoming a rectangle :). Ha!.



Using a gathering (basting) stitch, stitch around perimeter of each square being careful not to stitch past your starting point. (Make sure that you don’t back stitch)


Gently pull loose threads on wrong side of fabric to gather.


Gather all of your squares until they resemble little “puff ” balls.  (*Once gathered, don’t forget to tie the ends of the gathering thread together and knot. Clip loose threads.)


Stack your “puffs” on top of one another with open sides facing down.


Placing your finger at the center top of your stack, press down and pinch fabric between fingers.


Sew pieces together using your needle and thread.


Add a jewel or button for decoration.

And, that’s it!!! Now don’t you feel crafty? I sure do :).

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  • Maya

     So easy, yet the flower is gorgeous!!

    • Isn’t EASY great!:)

    • Shannon_Clark

       Hi Maya! Thank you. I absolutely loooovve easy!

  • sara

    looks great and easy enough for kids too! thanks so much for sharing!

    • Shannon_CC

      Hi Sara! My daughters use them as giant flower hats for their dolls! (Ha! Ha!) Not exactly what I intended, but if it works…:-)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • April

    This was so great! You made this wonderful, and easy to do, and it looks so great! Love it!!!

    • Shannon_CC

      Thank you April! Now you’ll have to make tons of them (smile). Happy Day!

  • Anne

    Now how can I possibly leave out this super cute and easy embellishment as I make my Layla Beret Hat?? I’m a-doin’ this! : )

    • Shannon_CC

      Ha! Ha! Thanks, Anne!

  • jamie

    Love the look of this flower! Sounds pretty easy too! I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

    • Shannon_CC

      Oh, yes, this one is very easy! I use it for hats, shirts, you name it. (Hope it works well for you, Jamie)

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  • Joanna Starr

    There are adorable! Thanks for sharing. I am going to try making some a bit smaller for putting on a baby headband.

    • Shannon_CC

      Awwh, a baby headband? (That sounds so sweet, Joanna.)

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  • Karry

    Thank you so much. I am going to make this smaller and attach it to a piece of felt then sew a brooch pin on it so I can wear it on several tops without having to worry about ruining it in the wash.

    • Shannon_CC

      Ooh, that sounds like a great idea, Karry! So cute!