DIY Drawstring Maternity Skirt

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So, I’ve made it to the pregnancy stage where anything stretchy or oversized is my VERY BEST friend (lovin’ Hubby’s t-shirts right now!). At 6 months, I’ve found that even elastic around my belly can be a little irritating after awhile. What about you?

I was thinking about my little “itchy elastic dilemma” the other day. I then thought about my favorite go-to pants, which are nice and stretchy with a drawstring waist. They are pre-pregnancy pants, but because of the drawstring, I can still wear them (lovely!). So, I figured why not do the same for my skirts. This super comfy, easy sew, drawstring skirt will likely carry me through my pregnancy and after.

This skirt is very basic. There are 2 buttonholes in the front, so if you’re a beginner or have never attempted buttonholes, don’t let that scare you. Just take your time. You can do it!


2-way stretch knit fabric

Cord (drawstring or something similar)

Matching Thread

Sewing notions (scissors, seam ripper, tailor’s chalk, etc.)


Belly Measurement = Belly Circumference + 5″

High waist (below ribcage) = Full High Waist Circumference + 2″

Desired Length of Skirt = Length + 2″



Cut skirt fabric out. Belly Measurement x Desired Length of Skirt

Cut band fabric out. High Waist Measurement x 5″


Fold skirt fabric in half (right sides facing). Sew together using 1/2″ seam allowance. Sew a basting stitch around the waist, 1/2″ from edge.


Zigzag stitch/serge one side of band. Fold band in half (rt sides facing). Sew ends together using 1/2″ seam allowance. Iron seam allowance open.


Pull gathers of skirt until waist width matches band width. Place band over skirt matching seam and raw edges.


Sew band to skirt using 1/2″ seam allowance.


Iron band up and inside seam allowance up. Flip skirt over and locate center of skirt (opposite of back seam). Mark a point (on center) 1/2″ above seam line for buttonhole placement. Place 1 buttonhole 1/2″ on each side of center point. Sew buttonholes and open them.


Measure 1/2″ above buttonholes. Fold band to inside of skirt at this “line” covering inside seam allowance. Iron.


From the outside of the skirt, pin the raw edge of the band over the seam allowance on the inside of the skirt. Stitch “in the ditch” (in the seam). Feed the cord through buttonholes. Hem the bottom of the skirt.

That’s it! Not too tough, right? Now go make lots of them! ENJOY!!!

As always, feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below.




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