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So, how was your weekend? I hope it was fantastic!

Here’s what’s going on this week at Little Kids Grow.

Sew cool for the tween scene blog buttonThis Wednesday, I’ll be hanging out with Sally and Kelli over at Sew Cool for the Tween Scene. They’ve partnered up to start a new blog that focuses on patterns just for the tween market. I’m really excited about their new venture. It’s not only difficult to find retail clothing for my girls that doesn’t look “too mature”, but it can sometimes be even more challenging to find sewing patterns for them. This blog will be a place where you’ll be able to find articles and pattern reviews for the tween market. I’ll be hanging out with them on Wednesday to talk a little bit about the challenges of sewing for my tweens. If you have tweens or kids that are getting to that age, please feel free to stop by and show your support. Here’s the guest line up:

August 26–Justine from Sew Country Chick
August 27–Major Moma from Without Direction
August 28–Shannon from Little Kids Grow
August 30–Michelle from Falafel and the Bee
September 2–Sally form Daisy Chain Creations
September 3–Gina from Party of 8
September 4–Catherine of cathgrace
September 5–Jessica from My Inner Need to Create
September 6–Stacy from the Land of KA
Rachel from nest full of eggs


FD_JerseyLoveBlogTourButtonSquare(500x500)Also, you have until this Friday, August 30th to enter the Downtown V-Neck giveaway. I love reading about your favorite pastimes. Wish we could have one giant hangout party at the park where we could eat good food, crochet, craft, dance, roller skate, read a few good books and sneak in a a little bit of blogging time (Did I miss anything?)




Megan Nielsen Maternity PatternsI’m really excited to announce that I’ll be the new contributor for! It’s the companion site for Megan Neilsen’s Pattern site: She’s such an awesome person. I’m looking forward to sharing DIY maternity fashion tips, patterns and more. I should start posting next week. I’d love for you to peek in every now and again (even if you’re not pregnant).

Okay, that’s it for now, lovlies. The end of the month Little Kids Grow newsletter will be in your inboxes by the end of the week, so keep a lookout for it. (Haven’t signed up, yet. Click here.)

Happy Day!

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  • Anne Weaver says:

    Soooo excited about a tween sewing blog!! My girl is moving into tweenhood (she’s 9, almost 10) and it gets harder and harder to find sewing patterns for her. She’s too big for the little girl patterns, but too small for the adult patterns. I’m adding it to my bloglovin right now! –Anne

    • Shannon_CC says:

      Me too, Anne! My girls went through a serious growth spurt this past year. (Gasp!) Now I’m having to draft most of their patterns myself because their shapes are changing. Whew!

      • Anne Weaver says:

        I know, right?? This summer I refused to buy any shoes for her because her feet were growing so fast. So for the majority of the summer she had 1 pair of patent dress shoes (from Easter) and flip flops. Ha!! I’m having to draft patterns for anything I sew for her. The kid patterns are too small, and the adult patterns are for a woman’s curves which my daughter doesn’t have yet. Next year she’ll be doing Junior Cotillion and we’ll need 4-5 party dresses for the fall. I’ve gone shopping with my niece when she went through Cotillion and there was NOTHING in the stores! The dresses were all mother-of-the-bride or street corner. And none of them were shaped for an in-between body. I’ll be a party dress pro by December of next year!

        • Shannon_CC says:

          This is one of those motherhood things that TOTALLY caught me off guard. Boys and growth spurts, I get. Just get longer pants and bigger shirts. But, girls, WOW! The solution is not so simple. (This time next year, you’ll be a formal dress pro!)

    • Major Moma says:

      Anne, we sure hope that Sew Cool can be a resource for you! And Shannon, thank you so much for particpating in our kick-off celebration.

  • Rachel says:

    Oh no I see my name up there, so that must mean I’m committed… I better get busy…

  • Amy mayen says:

    I’m so excited! I’m always complaining about a lack of patterns in that size range! I’ll be there!

  • Heidi Kettner says:

    Wow! So much going on and it’s all awesome! 🙂 I’ll definitely be following along!

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