Christmas Tree Wrap Skirt

Can you believe that the last days of 2013 are here? It only hit me two weeks ago that Christmas was right around the corner. Seriously? Where has the time gone?

Now that we have our Christmas tree up, the fire going in our fireplace, and Rudolph, Frosty, and Charlie brown on every local television station, I’m finally feeling festive.

This year I have the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Holiday Blog Tour by Jamie over at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Jamie is also giving away this Brother Serger, so make sure you hop on over to her site to enter. (Click on the pic)

Holiday Sewing Blog Tour: 18 different bloggers with 18 different Holiday Sewing Projects.  Ending with a giveaway for a Brother 1034d serger om 12/21/13.

Yesterday featured the ever awesome Caila from over at Caila Made with her lovely burlap Christmas Stockings (Great tutorial!)

Today I’m sharing my  Christmas Tree Wrap Skirt  tutorial.

Christmas-Tree-Wrap-Skirt Holiday Sewing Blog Tour

This is a basic A-line wrap skirt that I made up for my girls. So, where did the name come from? (Yeah, it doesn’t look much like a Christmas tree)  Well, the fabric has these little tiny rhinestones on it, very Christmas looking (a beautiful fabric that a friend gifted me.) Once I added the tulle underneath, it just really reminded me of one of those Christmas skirts that you wrap around the bottom of a Christmas tree. 🙂

Wrap skirts are pretty simple to draft (Just a little bit of math, some fabric and a button or two).  You can make it as complicated or uncomplicated as you like. I chose the easier route by forgoing the darts and extra bells and whistles. I figured the fabric made it’s own statement, so why mess with a good thing. 🙂

For this holiday skirt, I’d recommend an embellished or quilted fabric, something with a little bit of weight. You’ll also need 1 or 2 buttons, a hook and eye for the inside closure, and your standard sewing tools (seam ripper, tailor’s chalk, scissors, etc.)

Since I made these in a child’s size (tween), I only took into account the waist measurement (not the hips) and used gathers to create fulness underneath the band. If I was making an adult version, I’d include the hip measurements and also add darts for contour.

So, here we go:

You’ll need:
Your child’s waist measurement and the desired length of the skirt.

There are 3 panels to this skirt: FRONT, BACK & INSIDE

PANEL WAIST (PW):        PW= 1/2 of your waist measurement + 2″ +  2(seam allowance)

SKIRT BOTTOM (SB)      SB= PW  x 1.25


A child’s waist that measures 23 inches would have skirt panels equal to:

PANEL WAIST:   PW = 11.5 +2 + .75 = 14.25″

SKIRT BOTTOM:   SB = 14.25″ x 1.25 = 17.8″

Christmas-Tree-Wrap-Skirt- Pieces

Drafting Skirt Panels: (**You’re working with folded fabric for your panels, so make sure you only use half of the waist and skirt bottom measurements.)

To draft your skirt panels, start at the fold of your fabric and  draw the line PW divided by 2. From this line (still on the fold) measure the length of your skirt desired +  seam allowance. From the bottom of this skirt length measurement, draw line SB divided by 2 (parallel to line PW) . Connect the end of line PW with the end of line SB. (Cut 3)


*The inside panel should have a slight outside curve on one side. Take one of your panels (with the right side of the fabric facing up). Open it up and adjust the outside left corner to make a curve. It doesn’t have to be an exact measurement (It won’t be visible).

Christmas-Tree-Wrap-Skirt-Panel curve

To draft your facing, you’ll use your front skirt panel and inside skirt panel and work with a single layer of fabric.

FRONT PANEL FACING: With the front panel still folded in half, place 1.5″ of the top of the skirt panel over the fabric edge. The top of the panel should be perpendicular to the fold.Trace the outside lines of the skirt.

INSIDE PANEL FACING: With the right side of the open panel facing up (working with the curved side), place 1.5″ of the top of the skirt panel over the fabric edge. The top of the panel should be perpendicular to the fld. Trace the outside lines and curve of the skirt.

Christmas-Tree-Wrap-Skirt-Facing layoutWaist Band:

Length =  Waist measurement + 1/2(waist) + 2SA +2″

Width= 4″+2SAChristmas-Tree-Wrap-Skirt-Waist Band


STEP 1: With right sides of FRONT and BACK panel facing, stitch the left side.

STEP 2: With right sides of BACK and INSIDE panel facing, stitch the left side.

STEP 3: Open skirt and press seams open.

STEP 4: Attach panel FACINGS (right sides of fabric facing), stitching side and bottom edges only. Flip facing to inside of the skirt. Press.



Press one end of band toward inside 1/4″. Stitch in place.

Stitch a row of basting stitches 1/4″ from the top edge of the skirt. Gather skirt edge until it is approx. 2 inches shorter than the waistband. With right sides facing, match stitched in waistband edge with inside skirt panel. Pin the band to the skirt waist. (2 inches of the waistband should go past the front panel edge.) Stitch band to skirt waist from INSIDE PANEL to FRONT PANEL. Trim to 1/4″.

Christmas-Tree-Wrap-Skirt-Attaching-Waistband Press the bottom edge of the waistband toward the inside of the skirt 3/8″.

To close the end of the band at the FRONT PANEL, fold the the front end of the band in half with the right sides facing. Stitch the end closed. Trim and flip right side out.

Christmas-Tree-Wrap-Skirt-Close-WaistbandFold the remainder of the band over to the inside of the skirt covering the inside band seam. Pin in place. Stitch.

Christmas-Tree-Wrap-Skirt-Waistband-InsideHEM: Fold the raw edge of the skirt hem up 3/8″. Press. Stitch. (To neaten hem, fold up 1/8″, press. Then fold up another 1/4″, press and stitch.)

Add a button hole to FRONT PANEL waistband (sew your button) . Add a hook and eye to the INSIDE PANEL waistband.

(Want to add something festive? Try mixing panel fabrics (I did two colors) or attaching tulle to the inside of the skirt before adding your band)

2013-12-12 16.02.49


Questions about this tutorial (It’s a long one! 🙂 ), just leave them in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by!

Keep doin’ what you love!




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