Motivation Mondays

Motivation Mondays Mom Truth 800 x 400 Featured Header Canvas

Motivation Mondays: Mom Truth

The Confession There are many days when I wonder if my children are going to turn out okay because in my mind, there are certain qualities that go with being...

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Motivation Mondays: Grateful

Our newest little feisty one. Words don’t come easily. Even grateful falls short. My heart is full.

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Motivation Monday: Gettin’ Close!

Happy Monday Lovelies! It’s 3:06 am and unfortunately, I can’t sleep. Yep, pregnancy insomnia has reared its not so pretty face. It’s funny to me now (well, not really) that...

Slowing Down and Taking Inventory 800 x 400 Featured Header Canvas

Motivation Mondays: Slowing Down and Taking Inventory

It’s so hard to believe that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and 2013 is right on its heels. December is always a busy time for my family. Well,...

Breaking Down Walls 800 x 400 Featured Header Canvas

Motivation Mondays: Breaking Down Walls

What did you dream about when you were little? I don’t know about you, but when I was a little girl, I had a VERY vivid imagination. To be honest...

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Motivation Mondays: Time in a Bottle

[yellow_box] Motivation Mondays are back on Little Kids Grow! [/yellow_box] Time in a Bottle Recently, my kids found a box of old baby pictures that I had stored in my...

Love Talk Motivation Mondays Mark

Motivation Mondays: Love Talk

Whoa Hoo! I thought that title might get your attention. (Altogether now)   L-O-V-E    T-A-L-K Ha! Ha!That’s fun to say. I’ll be honest with you, when I think about the...

Motivation Mondays Inadequacy

Motivation Mondays: The Inadequacy Monster

It was early. Way before the sun came up. The whole house was asleep, except for me. I was in a spare room, with the door closed, lights out, tears...

Mama Day Pics 5.13

Motivation Mondays: Mom Power

Happy “Day After” Mother’s Day! I am thankful for Mother’s Day. It’s the one time in the year that I can sit back and reflect on what it is that...

Playing Nicely

Motivation Mondays: Playing Nicely with the Enemy (Wuh?????)

As a freshman in high school, I was tormented almost daily by a girl that I didn’t know. She absolutely hated the ground that I walked on—I’m pretty sure of...

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Motivation Monday: Pushing Past “Go!”

I talk a lot about living with purpose and never allowing circumstances to hinder your progress. I’ll tell anyone that will listen that life is short, so you have to...

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Motivation Mondays: 2 Hours

2 Hours Our kids were up all night. Sneezing, runny noses, itchy throats from allergies. Coughing, chest congestion and fevers  from secondary infections. I was on call. Times 6. Georgia...

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