Boy’s Easy Bias Tie

[red_box] NOTE: This one size tie pattern has been updated and graded (sizes added) and will no longer be available as a free download effective 12/18/2013). You find the new version here.  [/red_box]

Hi friends!

Today on Project Run & Play I’m sharing my pattern and tutorial for the Boy’s Easy Bias Tie.

My 7-year-old outgrew his “little boy” necktie (the one with the elastic around the neck). I’d purchased a couple of ties, retail, but I knew that eventually I wanted to make a tie for him myself. Project Run & Play was my motivation! I’m always short on time, so I’m really big on easy “one-step” projects that I can complete relatively quickly. I hope you enjoy this one. I’ve included a free download and instructions for the tie pattern below:


(You can find the new upgraded tie, here.)

Thank you!

Keep doin’ what you love!



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