Boy Style: “K” is for Krazy Kool

Katy over at No Big Dill has been running a fantastic series called Sew All 26. I started following the series last year. Such a great idea! This is one of my favorite dresses that she made for one of her girls. So precious!

Katy F is for fish dress

When Katy asked if I’d like to participate, I was thinking, “What? Girl, you didn’t even have to ask! Of course!” But, I don’t know Katy that well, so I kept my unbridled enthusiasm to myself. Her instructions were fairly simple. Just sign up for a letter and “get creative”. Got it! I picked the letter “K” for:


Jack & Jill Color Blocked Shirt (Unisex pattern sizes 4-12) || LittleKidsGrowOkay, I know that you don’t spell cool with a “K” or crazy, but I figured, Krispy Kreme, Kool-Aid, hey, “Krazy Kool” works. And with Katy giving us a little bit of creative license, I went with it. (Thanks Katy!).

Jack & Jill Color Blocked Shirt (Unisex pattern sizes 4-12) || LittleKidsGrowThis is my 7-year-old. We have all sorts of personalities running around in our family, and this little man is no exception. Jack & Jill Color Blocked Shirt (Unisex pattern sizes 4-12) || LittleKidsGrowHe’s a high octane kind of kid that never stops moving, but put him in front of a camera, and he turns into this super mellow laid back, cooler than cool kid. So funny. Actor in the making maybe? I don’t know. Either way, Krazy Kool just seems to fit the two sides of his fun personality.

I wanted to go a little bit outside the box for this look (a little “Krazy”), but give the style a retro feel(“Kool”).

This is the Jack & Jill Color Blocked Shirt (pattern info at the end of this post). I used a Khaki shirting fabric for the base and a lovely ORANGE POLKA DOT (had to emphasize that) lightweight cotton for contrast. My favorite is the super long front pocket. It kind of reminds me of a bowling shirt. Ha! Ha! A Krazy Kool bowling shirt that is!

I drafted these relaxed fit jeans as a high waist pant with side button closures. Again, super long pockets on the side to store lots of goodies. I put faux accordion pockets (did I make that up?) on the back. I thought real pockets would compete with the long side pockets, and the pants looked a little odd without anything back there at all, so there ya go! 🙂Jack & Jill Color Blocked Shirt & Jeans (Unisex pattern sizes 4-12) || LittleKidsGrow

For our Krazy Kool photo shoot, he wanted to show me that he could ride his big brother’s skateboard. Ummm. That made me a tad bit nervous, but no worries. After a few false starts, some “sort of” spins, freestyle board flips (with his hands only) and a few knee pushes, I was convinced that I had nothing to worry about. But, that’s this year.

Jack & Jill Color Blocked Shirt (Unisex pattern sizes 4-12) || LittleKidsGrow

We had a lot of fun with this series.

Katy, thanks for the invite!

You can follow Sew All 26 over at No Big Dill. There’s also a linky party, so you can join in the fun!

[yellow_box]The Jack & Jill Block Shirt (unisex) and jeans patterns (sizes 4-12) are scheduled to be released next month. If you’re interested in testing for me, you can sign up here. I still have lots of tester spaces open in the upper ranges (8,10,12) and a few in the lower. Testing is scheduled to begin early next week.[/yellow_box]

Thanks for stopping by!

Keep doin’ what you love!



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